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Waterwipes Gentle Baby Wipes Giveaway!

I wrote a post about a month ago about ways to minimize diaper rash. One of the best ways to minimize diaper rash is to do everything you can to keep the area clean and dry, and to make sure you are not irritating the skin with harsh chemicals or fragrances.

I am really excited to give away today a package of Waterwipes plus a package of sensitive facial wipes. I loved this product, and the facial wipes are great for busy times when you just need to get makeup off your face gently.

 I was able to sample a pack of these wipes and they are plush, natural, and durable. You only need a few to accomplish a clean job. I know every penny counts when you have a baby so hopefully it will help your budget to have an extra package of wipes!

 You can find Waterwipes at Walgreens if you want to try them out. They are affordable and have no chemicals or fragrances and they are organic.

Enter to win this giveaway! Thanks to Waterwipes for this gift to my readers! 

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