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Why Pinterest makes women insane

We all love Pinterest, right? I mean, it is every woman’s dream. Endless hours pining away at beautiful clothes, an easy way to organize recipes, and boards for your future wedding and baby shower are just a click away.
Yet, I swear, Pinterest can make women insane. It has made ME crazy. The definition of insane is that someone is in a state of mind that prevents normal perception, behavior or social interaction. HELLO! That is me on Pinterest! I scroll through all those delightful images, clicking on them and adding them to my virtual “to-do” list. My personal to-do list is already impossible to tackle. I will spend an hour on Pinterest looking at great workouts, log off my computer, and realize I just wasted my only hour to work out for the day. How many times have I pinned twenty recipes and then never looked at them again. Then there are the awkward social engagements in which Pinterest is perfect to help pass time. I can pull out my smart phone and easily look busy for an hour or two instead of engage with people. I have been exasperated trying to make recipes that looked delicious and turned out disgusting and overwhelmed going through my boards looking for that pin “I SWEAR I PINNED LAST WEEK”!
Welp, here I go. My top ten reasons Pinterest might be making you go insane.
10. You find yourself “pinning” recipes all evening, then say out loud to your partner, “what should we take out for dinner tonight?”.
9. You justify wasting an evening to Pinterest as organizing “projects” to do in the future that will never get done.
8. You think we you can make that four-tier lace-inspired cake for your daughters birthday that was pinned by a gourmet baker with years of experience in cake decorating.
7. You buy an old dresser to refinish that ends up sitting in your backyard so long that your husband donates it.
6. You have your entire wedding planned, but haven’t found the right guy yet.
5. You have all of your photography ideas pinned for your imaginary family for the next ten years.
4. You know exactly how you will re-decorate your home if you win the lottery.
3. You think “going to bed” means laying in your bed scrolling through Pinterest for an hour.
2. You have boards dedicated to your style that look nothing like the clothes in your closet.
1. You actually think you will do all of the crafts you pinned on Pinterest in your lifetime.
Meh. That is all me. Now I am going to eat a doughnut and cry.
I’m joking. Keep pinning and having fun. Pinterest really is pretty amazing. It satisfies my urges for shopping and dreaming in one lovely internet activity.

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