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Blog reads that made today sparkle + potty training

My capacity for thinking today has hit the limit. 
So today I just wanted to soak up some stuff from other bloggers out there. 
I’m so exhausted by our filters. I’m worn bare by our refusal to live authentically, as actual humans.” This beautiful quote came from a new post from Flower Patch Farmgirl, one of my favorite blogs ever. I read her blog almost daily, and always walk away able to breathe a little deeper and reground myself in what is important. This post about her church home struck some chords with me. I understand the exhaustion that comes with trying to act the part and keeping it all together. I am so grateful when I am blessed with the presence of people who are humble yet honest about themselves. It is such a rare treat. 

After that, I stumbled across this delightful post from Camp Patton. The pictures say it all. A sweet and sassy little girl showing off her Sharpie art skills on her bare legs. That kind of stuff happens around here all the time. The hilarity of choosing to take a nap instead of blogging and waking up to such commotion, and rewarding the Sharpie art with a fresh batch of cookies. My kind of mom. 

We are on day two of potty training around here. That means I have been cooped up in the house now for almost 48 hours (minus my one hour Body Pump session yesterday- that was life saving). I have said the word “potty” and “poop” more times over the past two days than I have in my entire life. We showed her how her dolly goes potty, oh, maybe fifty times yesterday. We have done literally hundreds of “pant checks”. Yesterday was awful. I went to bed wondering what the heck I got myself into. 

But today she woke up with a new attitude. We have colored Easter eggs, pulled out every toy Lillian owns, and watched every potty video on Youtube. The first day was a mess. I wanted to throw in the towel. My daughter did too. She begged us to put a diaper on her. I suppose it was a lot of work for all of us around here yesterday. After we explained, for the one-hundredth time how proud her best friend Zoe, aunt Holly, Mommy and Daddy, Elmo, Elsa, Caillou, and Curious George would be if she went pee-pee in her big girl potty she marched to it and went pee! I almost gasped. She listened to us. The rest of the day has been a whirlwind of fifteen minute alarm clocks going off and me doling out goldfish and fruit snacks like I am the treat factory. Our child has sat on that potty more hours than I ever imagined she could. She has done AMAZING. 

Let me just say it has been a messy day filled with lots of surprises. 

I will leave you with this cute little person admiring her green egg. 

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