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Dear Lillian (April)

Dear Lillian, 
Turning two was quite the adventure for you! We loved celebrating you with a Tangled-themed birthday party. You had several of your friends over to enjoy your big day. Zoe, Abby, Elise, Xander, and Kellyn were a few of your guests. Dad made Spring Fling cake (zucchini and fruit) and you ate almost your whole slice! You loved the balloons, cupcakes, presents, and parachute in the back yard. We mostly loved the genuine hug you gave your Daddy and I. 
This month you have become such a big, brave girl. You have learned how to sing, and now sing “Let It Go” from Frozen with all your heart- belting out the ballad like it is your business. We love all the words you say, especially your newest expressions, “Gross”, “Help Me”, and “Grapes” (what you call blueberries). You also love to say “Go” often, and request the Frozen soundtrack EVERY time we get into the car. You love the words cupcake, pop (short for Popsicle or lollipop), and you now say the ABC’s! 
Just this month you weaned. Although you still have a hilarious obsession with “boobies”, it is good you no longer scream that word out in public. You eat super well, and your favorite food is rice. I have never seen a kid throw down rice like you can. You also love noodles, grapes, ice cream, and oatmeal. 
You are now afraid of the dark and “monsters”. So, for your bedtime routine we do a bath, read you three books, say a prayer to God, and put on your favorite song. You say “Amen” really cute. 
We love taking you to the park, the museum, swimming, hiking, and gymnastics. You just got your last shot, and even though it hurt, you did great. We were so proud of you. 
Daddy and I love you with our whole heart and are so excited to watch you grow into such a fun, beautiful, smart, and sassy little girl. Your energy is out of this world, you are empathetic to those who are sad, and you light up our lives with your little cheeky grin and zealous passion for life. 
Mom and Dad

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