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Easter Bunny Basket: Recycled Milk Carton Craft Tutorial

Lately I have been really into making recycled crafts from around our house. I was throwing away a milk carton and I thought it would make a great craft container. This is a great and inexpensive Easter craft for your kiddos. 

I am so glad I stumbled across this Easter Bunny Basket Tutorial on All Kids Network. I gave it a try and the baskets turned out amazing. I made a few minor changes to their tutorial based on our needs. I made a few Easter baskets for some of Lillian’s friends also. The materials cost me less than $5, and it was really fun! We are using it to hold crayons. She loves it! 
Give it a try!

Easter Bunny Milk Carton Basket 

What you need:
*Half gallon cardboard milk carton 
*White felt- stiff
*White felt
*Pink felt
*Cotton Ball
*White googly eyes
*Black Marker
*Hot glue gun and glue
*Craft glue
How to make your basket:
1. Cut the top half of the milk carton off. Recycle the top half. (This part adults must do- I used a box cutter which turned out easier than scissors.)
2. Cut a piece of felt wide enough and long enough to cover the bottom of the milk carton. Use craft glue to adhere the felt into place and rub using your fingers to take out bumps. 
3. Using a pencil, trace bunny ears onto the felt and cut out. I cut a larger portion of ears for white felt and smaller portion for pink inner ears. No need to be super exact! 
4. Using the hot glue gun, adhere the ears to the inside of the box. 
5. Using the hot glue gun, stick the eyes to the box. Draw whiskers and a smile with the marker. 
6. Cut out a small triangle from the pink felt and glue on with craft glue for the bunny nose. 
7. Glue the cotton ball on the back of the carton for the bunny tail. 
8. Cut a piece of stiff felt to use as the handle. I did about one inch thick. Glue the handle to the inside of the basket using the hot glue gun for extra strength. 
Let it dry completely before letting the kids play! 
For the chick:
Do the same except use orange and yellow felt! 
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