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Potty Training and Parking Lots

The last three days have been a family adventure into poop and pee land. After our boot camp potty day on Tuesday I think all of us were ready for normal life to begin again. I am happy to say my little girl is potty trained. She still makes some accidents, but she gets it. I am proud of myself because I am the mom that always gets the stink eye. My daughter still uses a pacifier, just barely weaned, and still comes into our bed for 2am cuddles. But she can pee and poo in her ladybug potty. Victory! 
We knew we were weirdo’s when we went for an evening jog last night and towed along ladybug potty in our jogging stroller. It was like, run or potty train? Can we do both? Why not?
So there we were, running our miles and stopping every fifteen minutes so our little girl could try and poo in the woods (as we like to say). Most people thought it was amusing. A few people stared and ran by. This was a path filled with cyclists and runners, so to have a tot squatting on the side of the road on her ladybug potty reading a book was probably a rare treat. 
Today we did the same thing. I ran several errands, and Mrs. Ladybug came with us everywhere. The Target parking lot, the library, the grocery store. We have potty Cd’s, potty movies, potty books, and lately everything around this crazy house has revolved around going potty. 
I can’t wait to talk about something else, but it has been hilarious. Brian has been awesome at potty training. That man gets a gold star for patience and explaining how it gets done. While I had a fit over one messy episode, he had a pair of gloves ready to go and got right to work, while reminding me that this was only the beginning.

Honestly, this week has probably been one of my favorite parts of parenting- to teach my daughter how to pop a squat and let it out without shame. I love watching her feel so free and open with her body. Today in the store she stopped what she was doing, grunted and popped out her butt so she could toot, then looked at me with the sweetest and sincere face and said, “Mommy, I fawt. I fawt good.”

Then she clapped for herself. Awesome. 
I laughed and told her she is great at farting. I am really proud of her and her accomplishments the past few days. I am relieved to see her embracing all this change so well, and even having some fun with it. 
Kids are so smart and so amazing. I am so happy potty talk came to visit our house this month. It has made it very entertaining around here. 
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