Blogging Tips: Who you should blog for

Whether you are a new blogger or a veteran blogger I am sure you have asked yourself this question, “How do I write for my blog audience?”. I have some input to add after having the same question for myself and this blog.
I’ve been blogging for almost two years. I started my blog as an opportunity to keep a log of my journey as a new mom as well as a small hope for a small side income. Both of my goals have come true. Yet it has not come without a cost as well as tons of different expectations. 
Blogging is a blessing for me. It is a blessing for me because I love to write and have this amazing outlet to do so. Not only that, but I also get to meet other writers out there who share my same passion. I have, at my fingertips, amazing technology to help me make my photos look prettier and more amazing than the raw images themselves. I can log my recipes, special moments, and crafts. It is super nifty.
Yet, over and over again, I get bogged down by this idea of pleasing my “audience”. Who is my audience, really, anyways? Well, it is you if you are reading this. And let me just say, I have a really high idea of you. So high, in fact, that I often don’t post things I want to post. I clean up my house before taking pictures and posting them on my web. I wipe the smudges on the plates I take pictures of when photographing a new recipe. I make sure my daughters face doesn’t have popscicle stains on it when I know I am doing a review of adorable clothing she is wearing. 
But let me just say… I don’t love these posts. Why? They aren’t authentic. And they are not my “audience”. Because if you are like me, you might have a little dirt under your fingernails. You might have a daughter or son kicking you with love as you sit next to them on the couch writing this post on your laptop (yes, this is happening right now). Your house might not be photography ready at any given moment (and if you do- go you! And, I kind of dislike you;). JK.
Perhaps this is why my favorite blogs are those whose posts center on a household filled with empty apple sauce packets scattered on the floor. That is my house on a daily basis. Filled with chaos and beauty. 
If you are looking for your “audience”, look to yourself. I wish I had some magical advice, but after two years of blogging the best advice I can give to you is to blog for yourself. Don’t blog for someone else. Capture moments and memories you want to keep for a lifetime. Sponsored posts and reviews are great, but without your heart and soul they feel like empty advertisements. Do what you love, write about what makes you passionate, and don’t worry about pleasing people. Because people are messy anyways. We don’t always know what we want. But I can guarantee one thing most people I know crave. Authenticity. So be yourself. Take those photos even if you don’t have a high priced camera. Yea, use your iPhone or even an old crusty point and shoot. I’ve done it plenty.

Don’t worry so much like I have in the past.

Just write. And be you. 

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