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Create Kindness Craft

I like to think I am crafty. I have spent many nights on Pinterest and probably too much money on craft supplies at Michaels. But then I get around someone from my church who sews her own kids’ costumes for Halloween or shoulder up next to a woman making handmade cards and I get a little insecure about my skills. I was pretty stoked to get to try this fantastic craft box from Kreation Krate. It was so fun! 
I’ve tried a few times to sew, knit, and crochet. I can’t do it because I cannot sit still. Even while I watch television I need to be moving. I am one of those leg-twitchers. You know those people. The ones at the movie theatre who have developed an antsy leg bounce that never ends. I am always being nudged and given the evil eye by those around me.

My craft was to make three adorable chalk board pots for seeds using chalk board spray paint and washi tape. I also repurposed a glass jar and made a swee gift for my neighbor.

So I like crafts that take less than a month and that are relatively easy to follow. Hence, I really enjoyed Kreation Krate. I got to review this uh-mazing unique monthly craft box from Kreation Krate about a week ago. As a member, you will receive a box around the beginning of every month filled with craft supplies to complete 2 crafts. One craft is for yourself, and one craft you create for someone else, a Kind Craft.  The Kind Craft is what makes this box unique. Crafting is a great way to show kindness towards others, and Kreation Krate gets you started. The Kind Craft will either be for a Random Act of Kindness or for a specific charity. Shawna, the owner of Kreation Krate, is passionate about sharing her love for both arts and community service. These craft boxes definitely fuse both of her passions! I love the part of the craft that shares with others. 

My daughter loved helping me out (even though she got a little clumbsy and almost spilled the seeds everywhere!). 

I liked that all my supplies were hand picked and ready to use with instructions. I used my step by step manual and was able to make some great gifts for others. My sister is stoked to get the little planters with basil, cilantro, and mint to start off her little herb garden. I am excited to give our neighbor the kindness gift- wildflower seeds. And I made an old Ball jar into a fun chalk-board cotton ball container!

I really think this is a great idea for people like me who love to learn new crafts but get a little lost in what supplies to get and exactly how to go about doing them. 

To start recieving your own unique monthly craft box from Kreation Krate go here! (Use code DWELLINGTREE to get $5 off the first month). 

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