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Lately my life has been a lil’ messy and a lot good. I’ve had a real bad cold and raging hormones, but somehow I’ve been able to keep my head up. Spring is poking it’s little lazy head out around here, and I am beyond stoked to finally get to put on some flip flops and maxi dresses again. Except today. Snow again. It just will not let up! 

Our household anthem is officially “Let It Go”. Mainly because Lillian is quite the diva when she sings this number. It is on in the car constantly. Honestly, I am sick of the song. But it is either the song playing or Lillian screeching, “GO-GO-GO, Mommy play GO-GO-GO” until I lose the battle. Have you seen this Youtube video of a Dad who has officially banned the song “Let It Go” in his house? Hilarious. We totally know where he is coming from.
It turns out my little lady has a sweet tooth like her Momma. Oh kiddo, I apologize. “C-E-E-M” is her favorite word, meaning ice cream. We try to reign in the sweets, but every once in a while we have a little treat.
Lately Lillian has discovered that she is “afwaid” of things. I mean, everything. It all started a few nights ago when we were watching “Mary Poppins”. Do you remember that old school Lion from MGM studios that roars real loud in before the opening credits? Well, it scared the daylights out of her! Now she won’t be around when we turn on a movie, and thinks “monshters” live in her closet. Honestly, it is pretty cute.
Other than these silly delights, things have been pretty mellow around here. Sometimes I think I am pregnant just because I cannot seem to get enough chocolate or donuts in my system and lately I have felt like I am in a dark hole here and there, then I come to find out I am not and then I wonder what is wrong with me.
Then I just want more chocolate.
And on that note, I’m outta here.
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