What I really want for Mother’s Day

This is the first year Mother’s Day really feels like something I should celebrate for myself, instead of my normal knee jerk reaction, “Oh crap, it’s Mother’s Day next week? Gotta get on top of that for my Mom!”. 
Last year my daughter was a newborn, and while I felt excited about Mother’s Day, the last thing I wanted to do was get dressed up and go to brunch. 
This year I found myself laughing as I passed an advertisement by a pretty well-known fragrance and candle store. It said, “Give Your Mom The World This Mother’s Day”. I laughed and said out loud without even noticing, “Or just clean my house for me. That would mean the world to me.”
I find it ironic, all the Mother’s Day advertisements. Perhaps one day my opinion will change, but I am used to doing so much for my daughter. The last thing I can imagine wanting from her is for her to use up her entire paycheck on something for me out of feeling like she needs to buy my love or affection. It almost makes me cringe, because what I would want most out of everything would be time spent with her. Honestly, what most moms I talk to say they want more of, out of everything, is time. 

Not that I wouldn’t be grateful for any gift I receive. It is just that what I enjoy most and treasure more than anything is a day with my family where I don’t have to fret about cleaning dishes, washing laundry, or working in general. 
So yea, what I would love more than anything over the years is a tradition of time with my family. Be it playing cards, eating a great meal together, having someone clean a bit for me so I don’t have to do it and have more time to spend with family. The amazing thing is this gift is totally FREE!

If you are wondering what you can give your Mom this year and don’t have much cash, don’t worry. From one Mom to you, take my advice and write her a handmade card (even if it is on notebook paper), and take time out of your schedule to hang with her, I mean really hang with her. Facetime her, go join in and scrub dishes with her, or stay an extra half hour after dinner and ask her how she is really doing. I guarantee there is nothing in the world more precious to her than that gift. 
My plan this Sunday is to make the day last as long as possible. Maybe I will get to watch my baby nap for a few minutes, or linger in my loved ones arms. Whatever I do, I want it to be a slow, easy, free-flowing day that I can cherish forever.

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