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All couples have bad days

I am always anxious and excited to get our weekends started. This weekend I was ready to see Brian and do some long awaited family fun. 
Instead, Brian and I started off our weekend with a couple major miscommunication’s. Blocked goals and unmet expectations caused us to both start out on a bad note. 
Isn’t that funny how that happens? Brian had a nice surprise for me. He had been planning it all day. Needless to say, his plans got messed up. He got crabby, and I ended up crabby too. A nice gesture turned into an argument! 
Sing it sister

Friday morning I got to rise bright and early to have my teeth scraped for my bi-yearly teeth cleaning. Joy. (Although I do love how my teeth feel after and I am SO grateful to have dental insurance). I lost my insurance card, encountered traffic, and came home to a whiny toddler. 

Two days of blocked goals. At one point I literally just sat in my room for five minutes, staring at the wall and then finally said a prayer. 
I had to remind myself that this is normal. I did not marry a perfect man, and I am no perfect woman. My daughter is still a toddler. We have a house that gets messy, much to my dismay, because we are using and living in it. I often want things to go the way I have them pictured in my head, and if they don’t go that way I get upset. The truth is, relationships need tension. I need to have arguments with my husband over stupid things like why I like to add BBQ sauce to his “perfectly cooked bratwurst” (true story), or why I continually leave old coffee cups in his truck. He hates that I get so unnerved when he leaves his pants on the floor or loses his sunglasses for the umpteenth time. We get on each other’s nerves constantly
As I sat in prayer, I recognized how good it is for me to get real mad. It causes me to really need to dig deep and trust in God. It gives me an honest moment before my husband to show him that even though I am furious, I can extend mercy through the grace of God. My raw emotions give me opportunities to test my faith, show people Jesus, and be genuine before my loved ones. I had to apologize to my husband. I love him all the more for forgiving me. I love God for giving me grace to forgive him too, because he can surely tick me off like no other. 
But this is all normal. We should be in close enough quarters and intimate enough with our loved ones that they annoy us, get under our skin, and find us calling out to God for some grace for others.
Yup. Lillian peed in our bed, pulled out a chunk of my hair, and put stickers all over our wood floor. Yup, Brian and I got in an argument over a bratwurst, a lost insurance card, and a ruined surprise. But you know what? We all got over it. Pretty fast, too. And after, it was all kinda funny. I think I love Brian and Lillian more today, if that is possible. 
Do you ever find yourself frustrate with blocked goals or get in arguments with your loved ones over silly, petty things? How do you move past them? Do you find them funny after? Does prayer help you move through anger? 
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