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What is life without a little adventure?

One thing is for sure. The older I get the more I need adventure in my life. I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. There are fantastic views, great backcountry, and more shenanigans to get myself into than I have ever known. 
We had some great adventures this weekend. 
Lillian loves her some “bugs, wind, sun, trees, sticks, dirt, water, mud, and rocks.” She is full of love for the outdoors. She cannot get enough. She gets out there, grabs her stick, and runs around like a wild child. When I watch her I see how much kids desperately love the outdoors. I am determined to keep this kid loving adventure outside and not always cooped up in our house watching television or playing video games. It does our souls so much good to feel the wind on our bodies and get our blood pumping. 

In fact, one of her new words this past weekend was “adventure”. Here is how it went:
Lillian: “Mommy, I wantchew go on ADVENCHURE!!!” (Wildly throwing her hands in the air)
Me: “Ok baby, what do you wanna do?”
Lillian: “HIKING!”
So we went hiking- twice. 
She tried to do a little free climbing (which was hilarious to watch), picked up a lot of sticks, and even tried to poo in the woods. 

Despite her love for nature and outdoors, the girl still had to wear her sparkly barrette and pink sunglasses. This girl has her non-negotiables. 

I want my little girl to love the outdoors and live for adventures. It does good for my heart to see the beauty that surrounds me, get out of the city for a bit, eat sandwiches on a giant boulder, and live in hiking pants for a day. 

Keep on living wildly little one:). 
Hope you have yourself some adventures this week! 
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