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What my husband thinks of my blog

So I’ve been blogging almost two years now. CRAZY. This little blog and I have had our ups and downs. I have had moments where I loved blogging. It was my obsession. I was a a never-ending list maker, filled with ideas for my blog. Then I went through seasons where I honestly had a bitter relation with my blog. It felt like this ball and chain. Like a clingy boyfriend that just won’t let up! 
Now I feel like I am in a good place. It takes me so much time to find balance in my life. For some, they just naturally have balance. Not this lady. If I start eating healthy it is gung-ho for a few weeks, then I take a nose dive into a dozen donuts. I am not an extremist. I have to find a healthy place to balance. It takes some trial and error. Still, to this day, if I eat healthy 99% of the day and end with a nice square or two of chocolate I am happy. 
Naturally when I started this blog my husband thought I went nutso. I spent almost every night online, poring over instructions on how to do something called HTML, trying to configure stupid buttons that kept getting messed up, and trying to design my own blog. I was obsessed. I was on twitter like an addict. It was unhealthy, I will admit to that. Then I would get all stressed and psycho-like if I didn’t get a post up. Oh- and sponsorships? I tried to explain it to him like 100+ times and then finally gave up. 
Here we are, two years later, alive and keeping a thriving marriage. My blog still exists. In fact, he and I are talking of starting a second blog- all about sustainability, recipes (he is the cook in our home, I lucked out BIG TIME), and frugal living. I guess he finally likes my blog. But it has taken him some time…
To be honest, at first he just didn’t get it. He didn’t understand why the heck I needed to have an open, public journal. I tried to rationalize it. To make some side income. To relate with other women. To force myself to write more often. I mean, I had my reasons. Thankfully, he helped me to ward off some bad decisions (lots of weird companies jump on bloggers to write sell-out posts), and helped me to remember my initial reasons for starting my blog. He is a man of complete ethics, and anytime I pushed those boundaries he kept me in check. He definitely encouraged me to continue to write what I was passionate about- my faith- whether I ever made a dime off of it or not (which he told me time and time again the best posts are never written for financial gain). 
Over time he started understanding, but noticing how time consuming it can really be. He has been so supportive, and has given me many Starbucks dates with me, myself, and my good ole’ laptop. I just knew he was right. I love blogging, but something had to give. 
I have scaled back on some giveaways and sponsored posts, and it has been such a tremendous relief. I know soon again I will probably partake in some of the fun, and I do here and there, just not as much as I did. I have been enjoying writing posts about our life or random things that come to mind. Perhaps not the best blogging strategy, but one that has been good for me and my family. 
Most guys just don’t get blogging. And that is alright. Most girls I know don’t get why guys love playing video games or fantasy football. He might not ever get why I do it and I might never get how he can blow zombies up for hours. I am ok with that. I am happy that we both have our hobbies and ways to de-stress and live our passions. I am glad we can respect eachother’s “cavetime”. 
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