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Why Dad is her first love

I will never forget the day my dad got stung by a wasp on his pinkie toe. He was doing yard work on a hot summer day. I was playing outside as usual. Probably pretending our rocks were hot lava, trying to run to the island of red rocks and hide under the big shade tree, away from the neighborhood boys who loved to be mean. But that day, my Daddy got stung by a wasp. I remember feeling so bad for him. I would have hated being stung by a wasp. But he just took it like a man, went inside, treated his wound, then came back out to finish up the yard. 

He was my hero. 

This week is Father’s Day. Is it possible to thank the men in our lives for the important work they do in a single day? I don’t think so. My husband hates Hallmark cards and silly holidays. But it does cause me to sit and reflect on how important daddies are. 
Not all of us have dad’s. There are a few gals in my life that I love intensely who have been robbed of a Father. It breaks my heart. Yet I have hope that the Lord can prove to them He is our true Father, every bit what earthly fathers fail to be or can never live up to. 
Still, dads hold a special place in the heart of girls who are blessed to have them. They show us adventure better than anyone else. They show us that beauty is more than looks. They protect us and provide for us, often in mundane and thankless jobs. They show us love. The kind of love that reads Dr. Suess five times in a row, puts our bandages on just right, and is patient when we cannot tie our shoes right. 
Dad’s show us that strength can be controlled. They show us that ethics matter. They teach us to take life seriously and reach for the stars. 
I love watching my husband with my daughter. For such a big, strong man… he is so gentle with her. He notices her facial expressions- each one unique and special to him. He tells her she is beautiful. He tells her he is proud of her. He tells her he loves her so much. 
I pray with all my might that she believes him. I pray she grows up to know what a good Daddy is so that she might know what to look for in a good husband. I hope she will meet her real Dad one day- Abba, Father- the one who “knitted her inmost being, who knit her together in her mothers womb” (Psalm 139:19). 
Fathers have a profound impact on our lives. My Abba, the Lord, has literally changed my life, forever. 
Perhaps Father’s Day is silly. Yet I am still grateful for a reminder to thank God for showing me what a real Dad is, for giving me such an amazing earthly father, and for blessing my daughter with such an amazing daddy. 
To all men out there who are fathers: thank you. Your work is not in vain. Your work does matter. You are important. Never believe the lie that you don’t make a difference. Even if you sit in an office all day pushing paper; if your daughter or son is fed at night you are sustaining lives and showing them love. What you do is mighty and important. Press on. 

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