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Stickers can drive most moms crazy

So this might officially be my weirdest post ever. I hate stickers. Hey moms- does anybody hear me?
Every time Lillian gets a gift or a book with stickers in them I honestly want to throw the entire pack away. I don’t, because that would be straight up mean, but I hope in my heart that she won’t notice them. I plead with her to leave the stickers in the coloring book or package and look at them because they look so pretty all neat and tidy. 

I am not a clean freak, and I totally allow Lillian to get messy. I strongly encourage children to get dirty and play like maniacs for as long as they want to stay young. Heck, even I like to get all dirty on a good camping trip or run. It’s not that the stickers make a mess. It is actually that I CANNOT EVER CLEAN THEM UP.
Case in point. We have many lovely sticker-goo remains all over our wood floors, cabinets, books, and more. Her brand new Frozen book is now covered in little Anna’s, Elsa’s, and Olaf’s.

There are funny moments that can happen, too. This past weekend while we were camping, at least everyone had a sticker on them. Most of the time someone had a sticker on their butt, and never felt Lillian’s sneaky little hand heading toward their derriere.

I remember putting a ton of stickers on a lovely old vintage dresser as a teenager. I thought it was a brilliant idea to throw stickers of N’Sync and Backstreet Boys all over that dresser. Poor dresser went to Goodwill, stickers and all.

I suppose one day I will look back and laugh when a little sticker appears. And it’s nothing goo-gone can’t fix. Maybe it is just me or just a mom thing, or the fact that the coloring book I bought Lillian today had 100 stickers inside I didn’t know about until after the fact. 

But I suppose, as a mom, a sticker will always beat a tattoo. And a pretty, washable, glittery tattoo will always beat a sticker. I hope you read this one day, Lillian ;).
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