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losing blog followers

Have you ever written a blog post and noticed you lost a few followers? 

Maybe you lost one hundred followers. Maybe you lost one follower. 
I have read enough blogs to know this happens to bloggers from time to time. I have read posts from some of my favorite bloggers saying this has happened to them after writing some of their most heartfelt posts or posts in which they had an opinion on something controversial. 
I am certain I have lost followers over the years for being too “Christian”, or whatever people would like to call it. I am very aware that blogging is an online source for all to view and that anyone can opt in or opt out at anytime. I know my beliefs and views are very different from many other people out there. I understand I might sometimes offend one person for what I believe in. It is not my favorite thought in the world, but I am sure it has happened. We are simply not all alike and do not hold the same beliefs about the world, our families, and God. 
This post is to encourage other people out there to continue to write despite losing or gaining followers. It is one thing to be flat out offensive and mean, and another to simply share your beliefs or views on life without feeling like you always need to be PC or keep things shallow. 
I have often wanted to keep things shallow. “Just stick to recipes”, I tell myself. Then I get bored, bored, bored. I want to wander off, post something new, and just about then is when I post something with a little too much Jesus and lose a few followers and feel really stupid. 
But it isn’t stupid. I believe in Jesus and compelled to share the great joy I receive in knowing him. Often I cannot hide it or not give credit to God for great things in my life. I also cannot separate God out of the sorrowful times in my life. He permeates all I think and do. So, if I lose followers because of that, it is really out of my control and absolutely alright.
Try not to lose heart when you lose followers because you post something you believe in. Those who really want to stick by you will stick around, and it is always better to be honest than hide who you are. Sharing your heart is a scary thing. It is vulnerable and awkward. Have a blog and you are multiplying your audience by thousands of potential readers. Expect some people to have a different perspective. 
As I press on I realize numbers aren’t what matter, but conversations. I have had seasons where people have left comments and I wish I could go back and chat with them, but I missed my opportunity due to busyness or delay in time. I regret that, but I also move on. 
Try not to be discouraged if you see you’ve lost a few followers over one blog post. Be encouraged that you are speaking your mind and choosing to write what is important over pleasing people. Look at your long term conversations and relationships built. Are you having engaging comments and discussing issues important to you? Do you see over time you gain followers as well as lose a few here and there? 
What are your thoughts on this issue? 
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