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Most random post ever

Needing a break with Rapunzel.
It has been several days since I have had a second to sit down and write a post. Oh blog, I am sorry. 
The past two months has been filled with family visits. I love having family in town. It makes me happy.
Taking care of Rapunzel. Good babe. 
It also makes me a little crazy. I feel like I need to have all my stuff together to host. I build up these high expectations for myself and others. That is no bueno.

 I was all around Colorado this year. I got to stay in a lovely ski resort and peruse shops, boutiques, and  art shows. I enjoyed ice cream on patios on hot summer nights. I got to have coffee with loved ones, go on hikes, and enjoy beautiful views. It was really fun. I also really got to know some family members well, have conversations I was yearning to have, and even got into some conflict. Yeehaw. Nothing like family arguments (if you know me you know I hate conflict.) But, even that was good, because I miss being close enough to loved ones to even get frustrated with them. 
Our house is in a really weird transition. We moved into it just a little over a year ago. It needs a lot of love. We are excited to slowly renovate, and that is about all we can do. We slowly save up for furniture and try to spruce the place up. Yet, we didn’t have time to get a guest area set up for our visitors. The only areas they could sleep was in a room that had drywall ripped out of it or a back room with all our storage. We had an air mattress for them to sleep on. Fancy. I had to suck it up and make do with our situation, even though I cannot wait to have a guest room ready for our friends and family. 
I got sick for almost three weeks too. How does that happen in the heat of summer? I don’t know, but it kicked my butt. I still have a cough left. I never get sick, (thankfully), so getting a crazy cold/ cough/ allergies situation out of the blue just took it out of me. 
Lillian is…fast, sassy, and utterly adorable. She is saying more words than ever. “Mommy, peease stand up!” “My Little Pony is my favewet” (favorite). She is doing things like running to the edge of the street, looking back at me for disapproval, and then dashing into the street. (Let me assure you, that happened once. I never thought my heart rate could get so high! I think she knew she made Momma sad and angry). She has so much energy that we have to get out every morning so she can burn some. She doesn’t sit at restaurants and behave. She is a typical two year old. I must say though, I love this age. It is not only hilarious to hear the quirky comments that come out of her mouth, but I love being on my toes. The other day I had just poured my cup of coffee, and she was in the kitchen doing who knows what, in her princess pajama tucked into her undies. She looked at me with a sweet and sincere face and said, “I love you soooooo much!”. I was so taken I tried to hug her, but she just giggled and wrestled her way out of my arms to run around like a little loon.  
Summer seems to slip away. I am amazed how every year I think it will slowly crawl by, and instead I am about to say “hello” to August in a few weeks. 
Oh, I finally got my hands on a regular journal. I cannot wait to start journaling (is that a word?) again. 
So, this is definitely my most random blog post ever. Please excuse me. 
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