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Organic Modern Design Home Ideas

We just bought our first home about a year ago. I love it. It is in an amazing neighborhood, has a lovely front shade tree, and is a split level home. It was built in the 60’s, and our next door neighbor is nearly ninety and the original homeowner. I am delighted to say a part of the reason I love our home is because of the neighborhood. Kids play outside, ride their bikes, and run about pretending to be pirates or princesses. A few little girls come over almost daily to play with my daughter. Some people hang dry their clothes. People sit on their patio and drink wine. Neighbors bake for one another. I know every neighbor at least three doors down. I have never, ever in my life experienced this!

Below I have posted some pics from around the web of design ideas I love for my own home in the future. 

But, we also have some problems with our home. Because it is older, the water heater will probably die any day now. Our bathrooms still have the cringe-worthy original pink faucet, toilet, and bathtub. The basement needs drywall and a lot of remodeling. 
The exciting part of all of this is we are starting from scratch. We have recently done a purge of items we know longer use or need in the effort to live simpler and with less. We have been poring over Houzz coming up with design ideas we love. I recently discovered Organic Modern. My husband found it. I love this design theme. I already have an obsession with natural fiber woven rugs and baskets, greenery, and clean-looking rooms, I’ve just never been able to achieve the look due to poor planning and the fact that I am a clutter-aholic. 
I am trying to turn a new leaf. What do you think of these designs? Do you have a favorite look? We are looking for new ideas! 
What is your favorite design inspiration or theme? 
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