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The small things

little feet that capture our heart
Yesterday morning was a moment I will hold near to my heart forever. 
Every once in a while I experience something so normal and seemingly simple I almost take it for granted. I love lazy Sunday mornings.
I woke slowly, staring at the ceiling, hearing the clock tick. My husband was on the other side of the bed reading his book. We smiled at one another, said good morning, and tried to get a little cuddle time in before the rush of the day began. As we cuddled, Lillian must have sensed what was happening, because sleepily she stood up and staggered her little clumsy body right toward us, found a cozy little spot right on top of Daddy, and fell back asleep while stroking his beard and lovingly touching his face. 
We call these moments stupid cute. 

Mainly because my strong and usually “together” husband admits there are moments with Lillian that are just too cute to express into words. There are just stupid cute moments that almost seem unreal, and I see his often hard heart melt in her hands. Figuratively, and this morning, literally. 
As I lay there I meditated on how I take for granted so many little things. It was so quiet I could hear my husband’s heart beating as I lay against his chest. I could hear our breathing and it sounded like music, repetitive and relaxed. All three of us lay wrapped in each other’s arms, safe and comfortable. Our family.  A quiet moment of thanking the Lord for these ones he has blessed me with. It was one of those moments I will look back on when my daughter is in her twenties. It was sweet, fleeting, and monumental as I sit here this morning and ponder on how Jesus blesses me abundantly- not in the ways I would expect- but in these small and precious times when money or possessions do not matter. Just a sweet moment with my favorite people in the world, unaware of time, comfortable, and without fear or worry. 
I know there will be times of turbulence and difficulty in life, so this morning was a gentle reminder of the goodness and peace of God and how easy it is to take for granted comfort, safety and health in a world where many people long and desire for these simple things but live in constant turmoil. My prayers for them as well, that they would experience a simple glimpse of  “peace, joy, and love”. All of which are free by the grace of God, but are by far my greatest possessions in this life. 
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