I’ve been a bad blogger…

I hate apologizing for a blog post. I once heard starting apologizing during your writing for your writing is not good thing. Be proud about what you write and be sure about it before you submit it. 
I am not going to lie. Recently I went through a bitter blogging season. I felt a bit frustrated with the blogging world and blogging in general. I felt like I was spending way too much time on social media and checking dumb stats and trying to keep up with the blogging “Jones”. I felt bitter towards instagram and Facebook for feeling like I needed to have daily stats from my precious life, and I didn’t want to tweet to just tweet. I felt frustrated by the notion of having to network daily with other bloggers and… tired. 
I wanted to quit blogging. I almost did. I really thought long and hard about it. And in the end, I decided I just had a hard season. A bad season. A season where I just didn’t want to write and didn’t know what to write about. A season where I chose to spend time with my family over forcing myself to sit and write a blog post to fulfill some imaginary goal I had in my head. A season where I simply let myself fail a little and do some soul-searching. A season where I let my blog stats go to crap and not care and watch my precious blog comments plummet to zero. A season of paying for zero sponsorships and participating in almost no giveaways. A season where I was a bad blogger and shouldn’t have been blogging. 
Honestly, it was good. I feel happy that I re-evaluated why I started blogging to begin with, and I decided I don’t want to stop blogging. I love it. I just bought my first ever camera baby, a brand new shiny DSLR. I am beyond excited about diving into photography. And I love my community here. This is my hobby. Sometimes it is just ok to have a sabbatical and a season off. I did, and I loved it. I just unplugged altogether. I’ve been reading novels, going to the gym more, and doing a bit more of nothing. It has felt good. But I miss blogging. 
So now here I am, apologizing to many of you that I just didn’t get back to, either via email or blogging comments. Thank you for all your sweet thoughts and words. I am beyond blown away by the love and care and encouragement of other bloggers. I just couldn’t give back for a while, and needed a small break to confirm my true feelings toward the blogging world and if this is where I wanted to spend some of my much needed time and energy. 
It turns out, it is, and for that I am thankful. Money and time aside (haha very little money and much time), I truly find enjoyment in blogging and my little sweet hobby. I am so grateful for all the people I have met along the way, and if you are reading this, for you. 

Around here

  It is 7am and I just cleaned my bathroom. 
What a way to start a morning. 
If I do not get up and get something done immediately, well, nothing gets done. 
Our kiddo has had an awesome case of diarrhea for almost three weeks. I have felt nothing but sorry for her and her little body, but was super excited to see the wiggle dance to the bathroom fizzle out. 
In other news, the past few nights have started like this:
Me: “Hey we should go downstairs when Lil is asleep and watch [insert favorite TV show here, not kid appropriate]”. 
Brian: “For sure”. 
So we lay down with Lillian, spend almost thirty minutes reading her books and cuddling her, looking forward to a little Mommy/ Daddy time, and then before you know it we are staring at each other in the face the next morning. Awesome sauce. When did toddlers become so genius that they coax mom and dad into going to bed, first?
Rhubarb Wizard Queen, at your service. 
I have been dreaming of Christmas way too early. I mean, I don’t want summer to end, at all, but pumpkin spice lattes and Christmas shopping is already consuming my mind. Something is wrong with me, for real. 
This little girl doesn’t know it, but she will be opening up some pink cowboy boots Christmas morning. Would go perfect with this bathing suite. I must prepare for cowboy boot inspired toddler outfits. AKA- tutu, cowboy boots, random old ugly sweater that doesn’t match. I already know she will want to wear them every day. Mom approves. 
I have found that if I do not spend a little time to myself in the mornings reading and journaling I am a big, hormonal, mess the rest of the day. So I have been making a point to do that. I learned my lesson this morning. If I don’t do it while everyone is asleep, everyone seems to make a pact. “Hey, Mom is trying to get a little quiet time. Let’s think of the most random ways to distract her for the next twenty minutes”. 
And other than these very random happenings, our daughter is growing and talking and using rhubarb as a nose. Last night she discovered my belly button, which is an outie, and declared to my husband, “Daddy, get mommy’s monster in her belly button!”
That is a self-esteem booster. 
Lillian says, “We be out!”. Got an exciting bongo music class and picnic to be ever late to. 

Shopping my closet for the next 30 days to save money

My own clothes using Stylebook- need to get the hang of this! 

I do not wear all the clothes in my closet. A few months ago I did a huge purge of clothes in this blog post, but it seems like my closet is already growing like a weed again. I am not a huge clothing shopper, either. I just need to wear what I own, instead of wear 25% of my closet and let the rest sit there for no good reason.

I am still on a journey to save money and my husband and I have committed two years to paying off our debts. It is not easy! I feel like I am always searching for the right bargain, saying no to vacations or dinners out, or passing on items I “want” but don’t “need”. At the same time, I could be doing a much, much better job. I still spend money on things I shouldn’t right now, and continually lose sight of our amazing goal to be free from debt.

I heard this awesome quote the other day that inspired me: “Is your latte worth being in debt?”.

So, while this month I am not giving up latte’s (maybe next month), I am challenging myself not to buy any new clothes and to wear what I own for 30 days!

Have you ever done this? Here is what I came up with for next week using Stylebook App. I am still getting the hang of it, but basically I can upload my closet and mix and match clothing as well as see items I never wear. I think I am going to get rid of items I don’t use within a few months, with the exceptions of seasonal items I will wear again or a few formal dresses. Keep ya posted on this challenge!