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If toys could talk in our house…

There would be a lot of chaos in our home if toys could talk. Recently we did a big purge of Lillian’s older toys. A few of her favorites as a baby, Curious George and Yo Gabba Gabba lovies were tossed to the wind. I had her go through her toys and keep her faves and get rid of the rest. She would simply toss poor George to the wayside. I felt like I was inside the movie Toy Story. I wanted to almost cry for poor, old raggedy George. All those cuddles and sweet moments and he was instantly replaced by some new Disney Princess dolls. Lillian simply looked at him and said, “I don’t want George, mommy. Give him away.”
The mommy I am I simply couldn’t totally get rid of him. I gently placed him aside in a special baby bin I am keeping in case we have a second baby. I told my husband that I finally understood the sentiment of Toy Story and why mom’s keep bins for their babies. I am not sure I kept that little George for Lillian. I think I really kept it for me. 
Meanwhile, our little girl is moving on to bigger and better things. She is all about her Disney princesses, ponies, dress up clothes, and baby dolls. 
Hey George, maybe another family member of ours in the future will play with you again. Until then, hang tight buddy. I remember you. Even if my daughter has moved on in the blink of an eye. 
Babies grow up fast. 
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