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It sucks when you accidentally delete a blog post…

It has happened to me twice. And it happened to me this morning. 
A cute picture calms me down
I hate wasted time! I totally deleted a blog post I wrote this morning. Bah. 
These pictures are totally irrelevant, but cute nonetheless
Note to self: do not leave two blogging windows open with the same post title. One was published, and one was empty. When I went to close out my empty one guess what happened? It saved all my empty work, deleted all my previous work, and reverted my copy as a draft. 
Well, I suppose I spared you all from the world of mommy hood and another post about things my kiddo is doing. If only I had the energy to re-write what I wrote this morning I would. But I don’t. So my memory will hold onto those Momentary Musings until another time. 
I just ran three miles and attempted to do a workout with my husband. My run was painstakingly slow, and my burpee’s were very sad. I finished, and am now congratulating myself with a wonderful CO beer. 
I feel better about losing my blog post already. Sometimes it is a good exercise to mess up and get over it. I have a fantastic beer, a breeze hitting my face right now, and my daughter is playing outside. I’ll take it.  
Stay tuned for actual blog posts. 
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