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I’ve been a bad blogger…

I hate apologizing for a blog post. I once heard starting apologizing during your writing for your writing is not good thing. Be proud about what you write and be sure about it before you submit it. 
I am not going to lie. Recently I went through a bitter blogging season. I felt a bit frustrated with the blogging world and blogging in general. I felt like I was spending way too much time on social media and checking dumb stats and trying to keep up with the blogging “Jones”. I felt bitter towards instagram and Facebook for feeling like I needed to have daily stats from my precious life, and I didn’t want to tweet to just tweet. I felt frustrated by the notion of having to network daily with other bloggers and… tired. 
I wanted to quit blogging. I almost did. I really thought long and hard about it. And in the end, I decided I just had a hard season. A bad season. A season where I just didn’t want to write and didn’t know what to write about. A season where I chose to spend time with my family over forcing myself to sit and write a blog post to fulfill some imaginary goal I had in my head. A season where I simply let myself fail a little and do some soul-searching. A season where I let my blog stats go to crap and not care and watch my precious blog comments plummet to zero. A season of paying for zero sponsorships and participating in almost no giveaways. A season where I was a bad blogger and shouldn’t have been blogging. 
Honestly, it was good. I feel happy that I re-evaluated why I started blogging to begin with, and I decided I don’t want to stop blogging. I love it. I just bought my first ever camera baby, a brand new shiny DSLR. I am beyond excited about diving into photography. And I love my community here. This is my hobby. Sometimes it is just ok to have a sabbatical and a season off. I did, and I loved it. I just unplugged altogether. I’ve been reading novels, going to the gym more, and doing a bit more of nothing. It has felt good. But I miss blogging. 
So now here I am, apologizing to many of you that I just didn’t get back to, either via email or blogging comments. Thank you for all your sweet thoughts and words. I am beyond blown away by the love and care and encouragement of other bloggers. I just couldn’t give back for a while, and needed a small break to confirm my true feelings toward the blogging world and if this is where I wanted to spend some of my much needed time and energy. 
It turns out, it is, and for that I am thankful. Money and time aside (haha very little money and much time), I truly find enjoyment in blogging and my little sweet hobby. I am so grateful for all the people I have met along the way, and if you are reading this, for you. 
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