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Radio Flyer Classic Tricycle Giveaway + Fave girl Jamie!


What a treat! Jamie from North of Something is here today to giveaway a Radio Flyer Classic Red Tricycle to one lucky reader of The Dwelling Tree! Read more about this amazing gal and go follow her blog, like now! :

Ok, so you are giving away a Radio Flyer Tricycle? How generous! Why? 
My son loves riding his trikes, we have a few we’ve picked up at garage sales and thrift stores, so he has quite a collection! My husband and I love to mountain bike and hopefully one day we can take him along with us. (He has mad trike skills already.) I think the classic radio flyer tricycle is one of the coolest, well-built trikes out there and I want one of you to have one!

You live in Hawaii?! Lucky gal! Tell me about your life in paradise?
Yes we are very lucky! It has been an amazing two and a half years living on Oahu. We actually found out recently we’re moving soon, but it’s not 100% Facebook official so I haven’t announced to family and friends. But we DID apply for my son’s passport this morning 😉

What do you love about living in Hawaii?
I love the mountains, the trees, and of course the miles of ocean. I grew up in Seattle and so I’m pretty sure I’ve had more sunshine and Vitamin D in the last couple years than I’ve had in my whole life! It’s done me good.

It seems like you live an adventurous life! What is your favorite thing to do as a family?
Well the truth is I was much more adventurous when I was younger. Having a baby, then toddler sure makes sitting at home on a Friday night sound like a blast! Part of the reason I started my blog was so I could write about the adventures I had pre-kid (so I don’t forget!) and also to motivate me to get back out there and travel. Now that my son is 3 he is starting to love adventure and travel too, so I see a lot of fun in the future for our family!

I love what you write about motherhood. What do you love about being a mom?
Thank you! Before I had my son I heard so much about how surprised I would be with how much I loved him. I heard that so much that I think I actually was prepared for it! But I wasn’t prepared for how much my son would adore me. So I think that’s my favorite part. It’s magic.

What is it like to be a military wife?
It’s not what I expected. I didn’t like my husband being deployed and in danger, but I really enjoy the community of people that come together at each new place we move to. And now we have friends all over the world!

If I could be anywhere right now I would be… 
Living in Washington state near all my family and long-time friends, but the Army keeps sending us on new adventures!

What is your fave social media outlet?
I’ve been a loyal Facebook user for years, but I probably spend more time on Pinterest lately.

You have great posts. What two posts should we go read now?
1. I think “8 Tips for Airplane Travel with Kids” would be the most useful for readers who are going to travel with kids. It has all my best ideas for keeping little ones occupied while in the air!
2. My favorite post about my travels is “Morocco – Camel Trek in the Sahara”:

Go now to North of Something  and say hello to Jamie! 

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