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Shopping my closet for the next 30 days to save money

My own clothes using Stylebook- need to get the hang of this! 

I do not wear all the clothes in my closet. A few months ago I did a huge purge of clothes in this blog post, but it seems like my closet is already growing like a weed again. I am not a huge clothing shopper, either. I just need to wear what I own, instead of wear 25% of my closet and let the rest sit there for no good reason.

I am still on a journey to save money and my husband and I have committed two years to paying off our debts. It is not easy! I feel like I am always searching for the right bargain, saying no to vacations or dinners out, or passing on items I “want” but don’t “need”. At the same time, I could be doing a much, much better job. I still spend money on things I shouldn’t right now, and continually lose sight of our amazing goal to be free from debt.

I heard this awesome quote the other day that inspired me: “Is your latte worth being in debt?”.

So, while this month I am not giving up latte’s (maybe next month), I am challenging myself not to buy any new clothes and to wear what I own for 30 days!

Have you ever done this? Here is what I came up with for next week using Stylebook App. I am still getting the hang of it, but basically I can upload my closet and mix and match clothing as well as see items I never wear. I think I am going to get rid of items I don’t use within a few months, with the exceptions of seasonal items I will wear again or a few formal dresses. Keep ya posted on this challenge!

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