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DIY Princess Wands

Every princess needs a princess wand. I threw my two year old a “princess-inspired” birthday party, and wands made the perfect party favor. These DIY princess wands were SO easy to make and came out to about $1 each… and way prettier than lots of the wands you can buy at stores.
Enjoy this tutorial to make your own princess wands! You can do any color combination you want by choosing the appropriate glitter, foam, jewels, or ribbon. I played around with my creation and had fun. Feel free to add any other fun textures- beads, feathers, flowers, or pearls!
What you need:
Small dowel rods (can buy at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby)
Assorted ribbon
Craft foam (I bought mine shaped as crowns and glittery)
Craft gemstones, stickers, pearls, and other decorations for wand
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Foam glue
1. Plug in glue-gun and insert hot glue. 
2. While gun is warming, cut ribbon to appropriate lengths as desired. 
3. Take two pieces of foam and place back to back to ensure both side will glue evenly. 
4. Glue the two foam pieces using small dots of glue to one another, at the top and middle sections only, with foam glue, leaving the entire bottom open. This is so you can glue the dowel rod and ribbon to the bottom of the foam piece. 
5. Take the dowel rod and add a dot of hot glue to the tip and set in the middle of the foam peice, gently squeezing both side of the foam to the dowel rod. Do the same with the ribbons, placing near the center of the dowel rod and hot gluing the ribbon to the foam. Finish with a generous amount of hot glue and press gently but firmly along the bottom of the foam pieces, ensuring ribbon and dowel rod is secure. 
6. Use the hot glue to decorate as desired! Add pretty flowers, gemstones, or any other fun ideas you have to make your princess wands lovely and majestic! 
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