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God according to a two year old

As an adult I often have a hard time comprehending God. Then I hear my daughter make a simple statement that just melts my heart.

Me: “Lillian, who made you?”
Lillian: (playing with toys, looks up, points finger at chin a few times) “Hmmm… God.”
Me: “Why are you to glorify God?” 
Lillian: (matter of factly, now pointing finger at me) “He loves me, takes care of me, and wants to take me home.”
*I choked up. 
Now, she has heard me say the first two reasons. I tell her all the time that he loves her and takes care of her. But that he wants to take her home? She pulled that one out of thin air. I was amazed at how simple that concept was to her, but to me, it blew my mind. 
Yes, baby, he wants to take you home. Someday. Momma needs a tissue. 

We often sing Psalms together. She has a little psalm book, and she proudly whips it around by it’s delicate ribbon bookmark. I see a short life span for her psalm book. The other day we were in church, and people were singing. 

I asked her, “Do you hear them singing?” 
She replied, “Shh… I hear God.” 
trying to pose with a toddler. impossible. 
I have been attempting short devotionals with her lately. They are pretty amusing, and last all of about five minutes. I ask her to make a few prayer requests. 
Me: “Who would you like to pray for today?”
Lillian: “Anna and Elsa.”
Me: “Ok, anyone else? Daddy?”
Lillian: “No, Rapunzel”. 
So our prayers usually consist of thanking God, a lot, for cartoon characters. 
Also, it turns out her “bible” is a Frozen book. She insists it is indeed her bible. 
I get it. Priorities to a two year old. 
Nonetheless, she teaches me more than I could have ever imagined. 
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