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Keeping kids safe on the internet + giveaway

The Internet can be a scary place for parents to let their kid enter. Who am I kidding. You all know. Google search one innocent seeming thing and you might get a few gross images. Online bullying is also huge. I know someone in my own family that was bullied on social media sites and via text messages. Technology, while wonderful, can also be a really tough thing to navigate for kids. 
Here are five Internet safety tips for children. These are safety guidelines that all parents should talk with children about. I plan to have these talks with my daughter when the time comes. (Tips: National Children’s Advocacy Center)
1. Never let children post personal information (phone number, address, travel dates, location) on social networks. 
2. Never respond to mean or rude texts, emails or messages. Ignore the message, and tell an adult immediately. 
3. NEVER share your password to anyone, not even best friend. Change passwords every month. 
4. Use the privacy setting on social networks. 
5. Do not download or install software on your computer or phone without asking an adult first. 
Today I am excited to introduce you to one of my sponsors, KidsEmail.Org. They provide safe email for kids. They have agreed to give away 1 year of Kids Email for FREE to 3 winners! ($38.95 value!). Some of the benefits include:

  • Mail monitoring: parents are able to receive a copy of all incoming/ outgoing mail. 
  • Time restrictions: parents can restrict times of the day and days of the week children can log in. 
  • Block senders: you can block senders in a custom blacklist.
  • Contact Manager: you can add family members or friends to the contact list. 
  • GPS tracker: for children using the mobile app, there is a GPS history tracker. 
I think it is important for children to connect with friends and family, especially if they live far. Email is a great way to connect with others and also learn important skills such as typing and technology. I love that this form of email protects children from spam, vulgar emails, predators, and viruses. 
Enter for a child in your family! This is a great tool to teach children about connecting with friends and family in a safe environment.
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*Giveaway open to US/ Canada residents only, 18+ older. 
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