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Life via Instagram

This is my first post of this kind. I am calling it, “life via instagram”. I have grown to love these little snippets of life on my instagram account. I am hoping to, once a month, simply remember my life and these moments I have captured. 
The above pic is my hippie baby. She loves to be barefoot and wild. Naked, preferably. Which we allow in our home. There have been multiple times in stores she just wants to take off her dress or shoes. That’s our free-spirited girl for ya. She just wants to get all cozy and dig her feet in the sand. Here she is on our patio, with flowers in her hair, after she decided she didn’t want to wear any clothes. Oh-kay. 

The brilliant Whole Foods shopping carts for kids. My daughter could shop for hours. She loves her cart. Except we have ended up with extra items in our bag after checking out. 😉

So, we have decided this little chunk of ours has a smile that could light up a room. Maybe we are totally partial. Here she is, at church, playing with the older boys. The rowdier, the better. 

Petting zoo. She was pretty excited to see the cute baby goats, and made this hilarious face I just happened to capture. #yes
Just taking a break to eat my cherry off of the cherry tree.
So, my husband makes the best pizza ever. I like to call these nights “fatty hour”. Because I cannot eat just one slice. And we usually pair our pizza with a fantastic Old Fashioned whiskey delight. This pizza was pesto and fresh zucchini from our garden, and my fave this year! 

This was the first hint of fall. We went to the museum because the weather was downright awful. She wanted to wear her new navy blue boots with glitter all over them. I loved it. That was a fun day! 

Strawberry rhubarb pie for lunch. Another one of my husbands best recipes. This rhubarb came from our garden, which grows it like a weed. 

So, my computer got geeked out. My family decided I should be slave Leia. I am not sure how I feel about that. 

It was 90 degrees outside this day. Lillian was adamant she wear this long sleeve black velvet dress to go to the grocery store, the gym childcare center, and three other errands. I got lots of strange stares, but I decided to let her be a princess. They grow so fast. Why not let her pick out her little outfits and look like a princess daily?! #chooseyourbattles

Dress. Check. Headband. Check. Necklace. Check. Hat. Check.
Post-run for Mom and Dad. Lillian played in the grass in her dress and discovered this squirrel on the pole. I loved her reaction. 
Hey squirrel! 
So that was our month via Instagram. Do you take lots of pics? What would y’all think of an instagram link up sharing our monthly roundup?
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