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Manage a productive blog (and not waste time blogging)

Blogging takes more time than most people would think. If you are like me, you might get easily distracted. I have struggled with this for over two years, and have found my “triggers” for wasting time. Read below for what has helped me to stay focused when I power on my computer to blog so I can get in and get out and enjoy my life with my loved ones!

Get off Facebook
I love me some Facebook, but geez, is it a time-sink. I could spend too much time just scrolling and reading and looking at “all those cute baby pictures!”. For real, I have found Facebook during my blogging time is just a big waste of time. I am better off logging in another time to strictly focus on social media, otherwise distraction sets in. 

Get off all social media, actually
Blogging and social media… are the two mutually exclusive anymore? I think not. Yet social media is one of the biggest time distractions for almost everyone. Think of the many things you can do when you log on to twitter or Facebook: discover a fantastic recipe, enter a giveaway ending in an hour, read your BFF new blog post, comment on a new engagement, tell someone happy birthday, shop, snag a groupon deal, read a breaking news story…. and on and on and on! Big, shiny, distractions just waiting to grab your mind and send it spinning into a million directions.

So, moral of the story is to try and make “personal” time to hop on social media, and make your blogging time count. I try not to open separate windows on social media outlets, and instead use Hootesuite (see below) or simply share my posts and others straight from the blog page.

Allocate a time during the day to “check in” on social media and get out
Like I said above, if you are really social and need to respond to other clients or bloggers, spend 5-10 minutes doing what you need to do, check off your list, then log out. 

Use Hootesuite
Hootesuite is amazing. If you haven’t heard of it, let’s just say it makes life on all social networks so much easier. You can write tweets or FB posts and schedule them out ahead of time. No need to log in to separate accounts. 

Just write
Ever have one of those days where you are determined to write content and instead you wasted an hour doing… nothing? It happens to me more often than I would like to admit. I start by reading other blog posts or checking out that cute cardigan on sale at Target and BAM, my hour is up. Sometimes pulling out a piece of paper and pen is a great way to keep distractions at bay, or start by writing an old fashioned outline and brainstorming your post, then fill in the details once the outline is put together. 

Edit photos back to back
Photo editing can take a lot of time and mental energy. Consider editing several photos at once. This keeps the mind focused on the activity at hand. I can find it difficult to switch back and forth between editing photos and writing. 

Focus on one thing at a time
It can be easy to start one project then put it aside for a few minutes and start another. I do this often, and find myself with five half-written blog posts. Challenge yourself to complete one project at a time, even if you do it in 30 minutes or less. I am not saying to throw out poor work, but if you are not a follow-through kind of a person, sometimes just producing a post can really start good habits. 

Use the 15 minutes on, 5 minutes off rule 
Having a foggy mind kind of a day? I am having one right now. Literally. I hate these days. These are the days I invoke the 15 on 5 off rule. I might write like crazy for 15 minutes then take a short break and get back at it. This habit saved me in college, and it has stuck ever since (on really tough days). 

Schedule time to blog when you are most energized
When do you feel your best? Try to write at that time every day. If you work during that time, consider taking a short break to pull out your journal and do a quick brainstorm session. Try to blog when you feel most energetic and productive!

Keep a running list
I am a list girl. I list out everything. If I didn’t have a list I don’t know how I would function. However you keep track of things, iPhone notepad, pen and paper, a planner- it makes life so much easier! If you are not a list-maker try it for your blog for one week. You will love it!

Come on friends, share with me your other ideas to stay productive and to not waste time while blogging! 

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