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Inexpensive book display- Ikea spice rack as children’s book ledge!

We needed a better storage solution for my daughter’s books. Thanks to Ikea, I found my favorite nursery/ child’s room book ledges for just $3.99 a pop!

I might be more picky about children’s books than my daughter. I might read five or six every night. I have to have a good selection or I will go crazy. 
Singing me a tune instead of grabbing a book for me.
My daughter had so many books. Finally, one day we had to purge some out of our house. We had no system of storage for her books. No bookshelf. We simply stored them in a cubby in her closet and had some in baskets on the floor. It was a lot of clutter. 
I really wanted these narrow book ledges from Land of Nod, but I wasn’t ready to throw down one hundred dollars on the project. 
I just realized I never dusted off the wood after drilling these in! 
We had seen on Pinterest some time ago people using the Ikea spice rack as book ledges. We took a drive on a Saturday to Ikea to pick some up. $3.99 a pop. I could handle that. I love Ikea. I cannot help but get thousands of ideas while there. And a cinnamon roll. 
Pardon the mess and stained pajama’s, but hey, let’s be real here…
Upon arriving home, we purged Lil’s book collection. I asked her to pick her favorite books. We narrowed the selections down to around 24 books, about six on each ledge. I put aside any books with torn or ripped pages. It was so hard to get rid of so many books, but I really wanted the ledges to display her faves. I also wanted books we could read night after night and that could become her childhood faves. 
The books we decided to clear out we set aside for her little friends. We will find good homes for those books. We kept the classics and some of my faves like Pinkalicious and Bye Bye Butterflies. I love reading those. 
I love how these turned out! They are her height, so now she can easily go grab a book or two. Clean up is so easy. They look so much better on her wall, and actually make her room look cuter! 
We plan to paint these white down the road, but for now I am loving the look of book ledges instead of a big bookshelf. 
What are your thoughts? 
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