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Hi Everyone! I am excited to have Rick from FitFin here today to give us some great tips on budgeting. He is also going to share with us an awesome app that makes it easy to keep a budget. He is also giving away $50 gift card to Amazon. Thank you Rick for this timely post! 

My name is Rick Portillo and I created a website/web app called FitFin to help me manage my day-to-day spending.  I’m very excited to share it with The Dwelling Tree community!  To encourage you all to try it, I’m giving away a $50.00 gift card.  Anyone who signs up will be entered into a drawing to win the gift card!  You can earn one contest entry by creating an account (it’s free), another by signing up for our newsletter (no spam), and an entry for each person you refer who signs up.

FitFin is short for Fit Finances.  Those of us who want to get into better physical shape try to do so by exercising regularly and watching what we eat.  Same concept with FitFin:  We’ll get into better financial shape by reviewing our budget regularly and watching what we spend.

Reviewing our budget?  Sounds about as fun as a root canal, right?  With FitFin, you only need to look at your budget for about ten seconds to know exactly what’s going on.  By the way, did you know that over 60% of Americans don’t budget?  And a lot of us who do rarely review it.  Why?  Because budgets are boring!  You’d probably rather clean out the garage than think about budgeting, right?  Me too—and you should see my garage!

FitFin makes it easy though.  We combine your budget with your shopping list.  This pairing probably sounds about as natural as chocolate-covered pickles, but let me explain how it works.  FitFin is three tools in one:  A budget, an expense tracker, and a shopping list—and they all work in sync.

You set up your budget(s) in seconds.  You can create budgets for things like groceries, dining out, etc.  You can also set temporary budgets for vacations and the holidays.  Both individual budgets and an aggregated budget are summarized on our Budgets Overview page, so you’ll know where you stand in seconds. There are even historical charts to help monitor spending over time.

The expense tracker is great because you can add an expense quickly, take a picture of your receipt, and attach it to the expense (no more receipt piles!).  FitFin organizes your expenses, so you can sort them by store or by date.  Each expense is tallied against the budget to give you real-time spending-to-budget info.  You can also split expenses between multiple budgets.

Shopping lists.  According to Reader’s Digest, eighty percent of what we buy at the grocery store is purchased every week.  Rather than write milkon a piece of paper 52 times a year, store it permanently (and never leave it on the counter!).  You can also save an item’s price and quantity.  Then when you activate items on your list, FitFin will give you an estimated spend total for the list.  Something else that’s nice:  There’s a “Check budget” link right on the shopping list!  Isn’t it better to know what you’re going to spend ahead of time and how that affects your budget?

The idea for FitFin popped into my head while I was in the baby aisle at Target.  I’m not a financial guru—I’m a dad who needed to budget, but hated doing it so badly that I found a better way.

Please give FitFin a shot.  It’s free, works great, and it could get you a $50.00 gift card to  All good things.

Drop us a line at with questions or comments.

Contest is open to US/ Can Residents 18+ older. All entries will be verified. Thanks!

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  1. Shaina Wizov says

    I don’t spend a lot of money regularly so that if I do want to treat myself, I don’t feel guilty or bad about it.

  2. Ashley Bree Perez says

    I try to set a limit for myself every month and my husband and I try to limit on going out so much. 🙂

    • says

      Ashley, with FitFin, you can set one budget or several for things like going out to eat, groceries, entertainment, etc. I have several budgets, but FitFin also shows me a combined total of all spending to all budgets at the top of the Budgets Overview page. This lets me know the big picture and also the details for each budget. It takes about 10 seconds to know what’s going on with my budget and each budget is color-coded (green/yellow/red, like traffic lights) to let me know if I need to slow down or stop spending. I can also see charts that show my spending over time. Please shoot me an email at if you have any questions. Thanks!

  3. nicole dziedzic says

    I pay my bills online, I also leave the house with a certain amount of cash so I know I don’t over spend, since the New Year I have trying to be more budget friendly, and not to impulse shop.

  4. Dana Truitt says

    I keep all of my receipts for gas, food, and different bills for my taxes, I also do not exceed a monthly budget unless it’s absolutely an emergency. Also any credit cards I have stay at zero and are paid within 25 days. That way the credit card pays me a monthly fee to keep it that way!

    • says

      maleficent, you can create FitFin lists with prices, so that as you add items to your list, FitFin will tally up an estimated total spend for that visit to the store. Let me know if you want me to show you how it works. You can reach me at Thanks!

  5. Maureen says

    I write down the dollar mounts that I spend each day –cash, credit card and check. I also budget out each amount for the month.

    • says

      Hi, Maureen. FitFin makes it easy to log your daily expenses as they happen (I do them in the parking lot before I leave the store). I also take pictures of my receipt and attach a copy to my expense. It allows me to do things as they happen and not have to mess with them when I get home, and since it’s the same tool I use for my grocery list, I already have it open. Please let me know if you’d like to know more by shooting me a note at Thanks!

    • says

      Jojams, it’s always good to plan ahead! FitFin allows you to set shopping lists with item prices. As you add items to your list, FitFin will tally up an estimated total spend for that visit to the store. Let me know if you want me to show you how it works. You can reach me at Thanks!

  6. Kim Henrichs says

    I keep an excel spreadsheet and log all of my expenses. It really is eye-opening when you look back at what you spent. It keeps me on track when I can see the bottom line. I use coupons 99% of the time!

    • says

      Hi, Kim. I also used a spreadsheet in the past and it worked well. But what I like about FitFin is that I can log my expenses as they happen (I do them in the parking lot as I’m leaving the store). I also take a picture of my receipt and attach a copy to my expense. Then I’m done and don’t have to mess with the spreadsheet when I get home. Please let me know if you’d like to know more by shooting me a note at Thanks!

  7. Neha Kaul says

    We have our priorities strictly laid down- i.e. premium-quality groceries and health/fitness, which is where the bulk of our expenditure lies. Dining out, entertainment and traveling come secondary.

  8. alicia szemon says

    how i budget is i make a list and how much i want to spend when i go shopping and only spend that much. i also like to find coupons on what i want to buy to save some money.

  9. Edmond Leung says

    Re: OMG, I use cash when I can. Wow, prize Amazon
    gc is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off
    the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and
    generosity. Pick me, pick me!

  10. BaileyDexter says

    For us the bills come out & what is left is broken down to priorities. But I use coupons, price match & always read blogs & post as to how to spend better!

  11. Camille says

    This is so cool. I’ve been looking for the best app to help me track my expenses plus help me budget my money. 🙂 This sounds awesome. Will definitely try this out. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Krista Miller says

    I have a monthly budget & I am awesome at sticking to that budget. I use coupons & online discounts when I can. No credit card- I use cash for everything so I’m never in debt. Works for me!

  13. says

    I’ve been getting much better with my budget but I definitely like the idea of tracking my shopping! Kinda gives you an idea of what you’re going to spend before you get there!

  14. Amanda says

    What I find helps is to make a category for every expense you have so every cent you spend is accounted for. And I try to input receipts the same day or at the very least the same week….that way I can see if I’m on track and how much more of my budget I can spend in certain categories.

  15. Betsy Barnes says

    One of my best tip for keeping on a budget is to use a set amount of cash for each day. When you spend it, you’re done for the day. This really helps to get a mindset for making it last through the day.

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