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How to build a silly snowman (or snowlady!)

IMG_3546Snow has been plentiful around my neighborhood the past few weeks. Not gonna lie- I am SO over it. After being pent up for a few days I pulled out all our snow gear and decided we were going to have some snow fun. I have actually never made my own snowman, so I couldn’t wait to do it! My hubby has made a ton, he claimed, so he was in charge.


This is what you need for an awesome and silly snowman or snow lady:



Eyes (we used a Mr. Potato Head set, but you can also use buttons!)

Carrot for nose

Mouth (once again, buttons are great, licorice, but we opted for the giant tongue from Mr. Potato Head set).

1. Start by packing snow on the ground, forming a mound. Pack with soft but firm pats, and smooth out by swiping hand over the mound. Slowly add to the mound, creating a solid “body”. Over time, it will form as you wish! Make a flat, smooth top for the “head” to rest on.


2. Start rolling a second mound on the ground, packing it and smoothing it. Once you have a nice mound going, draw a circle around it with your finger to shape it into a “head”. Continue packing as much as possible, making a nice round or oval head.

3. Gently lift the “head” and place it on top of the body. Use snow to pack in around the neck, patting gently but firmly.

4. Use care to put in the eyes, nose, and mouth! It is trickier than it seems. Add the hat and scarf and marvel at your new backyard friend!


Random-est post ever achieved. I hope I can help you have a fun afternoon if you are stuck in snow. I know I was searching Google for ideas after three snow storms!



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  • Reply socalledhomemaker

    Love how your snowman came out! Looks like a super fun day!

    March 5, 2015 at 6:21 am
  • Reply Michelle

    Adorable, absolutely adorable!

    March 10, 2015 at 12:25 pm
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