How to: make kids rooms smell better

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If you have a baby nursery or a kids room in your house, you know there are some funky smells that can arise over time. I have had to deal with them. I have searched under the bed for strange odors or in the shoe bin for shoes that needed to be tossed out or disinfected. There are so many simple, easy, and fast ways to get the odor out of a kids room and replace the room with a smell that will have you swooning.


Opening up her “cupcake” fragrance halo!

There is something blissful about putting on a stylish wax warmer in your house and letting the air get filled with delicious smells. Every once in a while, for a gathering or birthday party, I love to bust out a flameless wax warmer to ensure my house smells awesome. My daughter has also started loving to smell different candles and wax scents.

Below is a list of ideas for making sure a kids room is fresh and smells good, and also a fun gift idea- a child’s very own cute, safe, fragrance system!


1. Check smelly shoes

I try and have my daughter rotate out her shoes so they do not get too stinky. However, she loves certain shoes and will wear them day after day. Typically I will pull out her smelly shoes occasionally and sprinkle them with baking soda or give them a good washing. Here is a good link for washing shoes.

2. Make a no food or drink in the bedroom rule

Our daughter drinks milk often, and I have found a couple of her sippy cups way under her bed with yucky, old milk. Old and moldy milk is so not refreshing! We try and encourage our daughter to never bring food into her room, as we don’t want to attract bugs in there. Yuck! Plus, kids love to get crumbs everywhere and that makes it hard to control the mess.


3. Wash sheets and bedding

It is probably not a bad idea to wash bedding once a week, as oils and sweat accumulate on kids bedding. If it cannot be done once a week, at least  once a month is a great idea.

4. Good diaper pail or trash can

For a nursery, there are many awesome diaper pails out there that keep odor in the room down. It is best to empty the trash as often as possible, obviously, because no diaper pail is perfect. There are also great trash cans for older kids with lids on them to contain odors.


5. Child friendly wax warmer

When I showed Lillian this adorable child-friendly, waxless, AromaBreeze Fragrance System she was so excited! She couldn’t wait to open the package. She immediately wanted to take it to her room. There is an innovative fragrance Halo that ensures continued aroma distribution that is safe for kiddos. It looks super cute on her dresser. It actually uses no heat so it is safe for kids rooms. We keep hers plugged into the wall. Of course, it is still important to pay close attention to instructions and warnings when using a kids-safe fragrance in a child’s room. She wanted the cupcake scent, of course, and it did smell exactly like cupcakes! Her room smelled very delicious and fresh! She loves her carousel fragrance system. 

PicMonkey Collage

6. Fresh cut flowers

Even kids can enjoy some fresh cut flowers in their bedroom. Flowers can brighten the mood and also add a subtle and refreshing smell to kids rooms.

7. Open Windows

There is nothing like opening windows to clear out odors and let the room smell fresh again. I love sunny and warm days that I can air out our home. Same applies for kids rooms!

8. Check under bed

I don’t know why, but kids beds collect the weirdest and grossest things underneath them! Every week, pull everything out that has gotten stuck down there. I hope you don’t find an old bagel. (Yea, it’s happened).


Of course, all these tips could be applied to the rest of the home as well! Kids rooms just get stinkier, quicker, than our other areas. I also got a Scentsationals Warmer for our home, and used it at Lil’s birthday party this past weekend. I loved the Honey Bourbon Frosting waxes- they smelled amazing! I love to freshen up my home naturally, and every once in a while, use a wax warmer to make our home smell delicious.  I’ve shared with you how I plan on using my new AromaBreeze Fragrance System, where in your home would you get the most use?


  1. says

    I have two boys. So I’m constantly picking up their room and making sure it smells good. I love opening the windows and just getting that fresh breeze in. I wish I could get the wax warmers but I’m so allergic to it bc of my allergies. So we can’t have that at home.

  2. michele d says

    Boy! I could use a few of those right now. My boys rooms are plain smelly. Teenage boys I’d tell ya. 🙂

  3. says

    Hopefully my babies room won’t smell after changing a few diapers, but I will be taking them out to the trash immediately so this won’t happen. I absolutely love that carousal!

  4. Alyssa Santos says

    This cracked me up! And so true– kids can be smelly. After twenty years of motherhood, I have smelled (most of) it all! And I have dealt with the worst and weirdest odors because I have teenage boys. This latest stink was an unidentifiable rotten something or other that we could find no evidence of other than the stink. I steam cleaned 3 times and the room/carpet in a vague area just smelled. Finally, I put vinegar in a spray bottle, soaked the carpet and sprinkled a box of baking soda, waited a day then vacuumed. Amazingly, the odor was gone — thank goodness. So, young mama’s keep the vinegar and soda handy…you never know.

  5. Momma Told Me says

    Boo to moldy milk but hooray for that adorable carousel AromaBreeze warmer! I love that these are kid safe! #client

  6. Kori says

    It’s really nice when there are kid friendly options. We’ve started to use essential oils in diffusers lately and it’s leaving the house with a very calming, pleasing aroma.

  7. Chrissy Hme says

    The no food and drink rule is so important. I can’t even begin to tell you the nasty things I have found in my son’s room. Now, we don’t have that problem anymore.

  8. Lauren says

    These would be great in my kids rooms! We don’t let food or drink except for water bottles in the kids rooms

  9. courtneyLynne says

    Hehehe these are some great tips!!! My daughter had a smelly room for afew days once and we couldn’t figure it out… Eventually we found a sippy she a hidden that was filled with milk that had gone rotten lol… Grossest thing ever! No more Food I her room ever lol

  10. mail4rosey says

    I just did the checking under the bed thing. There’s one kid’s room I wish I wouldn’t have, hahaha. he’s in there cleaning it up as we speak. 🙂

  11. Debi@The Spring Mount 6 Pack says

    I need to get some of these. My boys’ room just smell like teenage boy, which is not a good smell at all.

  12. Camesha says

    Fresh cut flowers is a favorite for me. I love them throughout the house. Would be a nice touch to a kids room too.

  13. says

    Great tips, although I cant imagine your cutie pie daughter would have stinky feet haha 🙂 But yes, I love the flowers in the room too. Always makes it feel brighter and fresh!

  14. April Decheine says

    Great tips, my boys played hockey, the smell was so terrible, I tried everything to freshen their rooms!

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