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As a busy Momma, I sometimes forget to eat. This typically happens on days when I am racing to get out the door for swim lessons or dance class, making sure we are both dressed, have our teeth brushed, and have our clothes not on inside out (which has happened, multiple times). I am pretty good about getting Lil fed, but not so great about feeding myself. As long as I have coffee, I am pretty much game to start my day.

Take today. We started out with swim lessons, then I headed straight to the gym for a full body weight lifting session. It felt great! After we stopped at Target (and I made sure Lillian ate). By the time we got home it was way past lunch time for me. I ate a great meal… but two hours later it hit me smack dab in the afternoon.



Does anyone else get hungry mid-afternoon? Does anyone else just dream of chocolate? Or am I the only one.

So, just as my daughter is having her quiet time and I am sitting down to analyze my calender and a book, I realize I cannot stop thinking about having a snack. Ugh.

This is the thing I hate about starting major workout sessions again. I am hungry all the time. Which means I am not a happy Momma all the time.

In an effort to curb my beast-like mode, I decided to have a little chocolate and a little bit of almonds and cherries as a delightful snack that would hold me over until dinner.

snickers 2

This combo is delicious… by the way. And that kettle-corn in the mix was simply awesome.

I also decided to enjoy an iced latte while I snacked on my awesome mix of delights.

There is nothing like a little reading time with an iced latte, some SNICKERS® Peanut Butter Squares, and a little nuts and berries. I also picked up a SNICKERS® Almond to share with my hubby another day for a sweet treat.

I’ve shared how I handle my cravings with you. I would love to hear about  your favorite sweet treats- and do you get grumpy when you are hungry? Does working out make you super hungry, like all the time? Leave a comment!

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  1. MamaMommyMom says

    So, my boyfriend has this weird ‘thing’ where he has to grab a Snickers to take with him when he goes fishing. I’ve never been a huge Snickers fan – I mean they are good, but peanuts just aren’t my thing – until I found the Almond Snickers. OMG I am in love! Now, when we got out on the boat, he grabs a traditional Snickers and I grab a Snickers Almond and we’re good to go!

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