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Late night thoughts


Finding the time to sit down and blog lately hasn’t been very easy. I am not totally sure why, and I know blogging tends to come and go in seasons. I do miss blogging, but unfortunately there are only so many hours in a day.

My daughter has become really, really, clingy. Being three isn’t the easiest, I suppose, but she hangs onto my leg most of the day and wants me to hold her, constantly. The thing is, she is growing up so fast and it is almost hard to hold her anymore, she is getting so big. So often I get started on a project and then she comes to me to “hold her” and I just give in. Or try to distract her, but by the time I accomplish that I am totally distracted. Ha.


Living Well Spending Less Blog

Also, we have been working on our house a ton. Have you heard of the Clutter Free Challenge from Living Well & Spending Less? Well, my husband and I are totally digging it. It is not an easy task, though. It takes about 30 minutes to several hours a day, depending on which areas you are tackling. So far we have uncluttered toys, clothing, junk drawers, bathrooms, our entryway, the dining room, DVD’s, books, and CD’s, and our mail system. It has been an AMAZING process. Giving away items that I no longer use or only keep for sentimental reasons has been so liberating. I no longer feel like I am losing a battle to my home. We have literally given away several huge boxes and bags to Goodwill, I have made around $100 off of random things we no longer need, and our house looks and feels so much better.

I also decided to do something totally nuts. I signed up for Les Mills Bodypump Instructor training this month. I have loved taking Bodypump classes for years at my gym, and entertained the thought for years about getting certified to teach. However, I am no fitness diva. I am shaking in my boots to give it a go. But I decided to take a chance and do something daring and be a little courageous. So, in two weeks I am going to get my butt kicked at the audition. I am super nervous. I don’t remember the last time I challenged myself to do something like this. I might be the only person in there without a fitness background, but it will be something fun and different and push me out of my comfort zone.


(City Moms Blog Network)

Recently I became a contributor for Denver Metro Moms Blog. It’s been big fun, and an amazing way to connect with local bloggers in my area. I’ve been laughing at my attempt to crank out content, though. Thankfully I have been able to write a few posts for their blog. Do you have any local blogs in your area?

Last, I am just enjoying my time back at home. I’ve been nannying off and on for over two years, and finally decided to be at home, mostly full time (aside from blogging from home). The hours go by quicker than I thought. I had all these aspirations to be super productive and accomplish big things, but the truth is, I realized I just miss my home. I miss being here and hanging with my kiddo and watching her grow too fast. Time is filled easily with mealtimes and cleaning up toys and going to the park and teaching her about God and music and shapes and numbers, bath time and play-dates and rounds of tickle monster… I love it, every minute. Working at home is endless and there is always more to do. I forgot that part of being a work at home Momma.

Thanks for bearing with me when it seems all I’ve been posting is my weekly blog hop and sponsored posts. Hopefully the crickets won’t get too loud. 🙂

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  • Reply Lauren Kauffman

    Three year olds – something special I tell ya. Way to go on the Bodypump certification! I LOVE LOVE that class, I’m sure it’ll be a wonderful experience! LK

    June 26, 2015 at 8:19 pm
  • Reply LB Present

    Congrats on being a contributor for the Denver website. I’ve never heard of Bodypump, so I’ll have to look into it a bit.

    Sometimes in this stage of our lives, we just have to go with the flow and it sounds like that’s what you’re doing. So, pat yourself on the back and then get some rest 😉

    June 30, 2015 at 3:09 pm
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