Food Trucks and Orange Chicken Love

orange chicken love

Do you love food trucks like I do? I just found out that Panda Express now has a new way to serve up their food: Food trucks! My fave is definitely orange chicken, although I do also love their teriyaki chicken as well. Inspired by flavors and culinary style of the Hunan Province in South Central China, Panda’s Original Orange Chicken is prepared with crispy boneless chicken bites, and wokked tossed with Panda’s secret sweet and spicy orange sauce. My daughter has also recently become quite the fan of orange chicken and fried rice. It is an easy meal when we are on the go, and she usually eats most of it- which is super rare! We had a busy day and it was great to stop in and get some dinner- it had been a long time since I had some orange chicken!

panda express 2

Panda Express is inviting everyone to the ultimate Orange Chicken Love experience. The Orange Chicken Love Truck will be coming to your town soon. You can get some free swag, try out Orange Chicken, and compete to win #1 Orange Chicken Fan in your city. Panda Express will be stopping in Denver on August 29th to let fans try out some food and get free gear. It should be a blast!

orange chicken love2

What’s your favorite thing to order at Panda Express?

Thank you to Panda Express for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to try Orange Chicken!


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    I had no idea that Panda Express had food trucks like this now!! I love the idea of that; we have hit food trucks before in bigger cities and loved them. I am going to have to watch for this in our area!

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    I don’t see a lot of food trucks in our area, but whenever I spot one, I would definitely try the food. I love Orange Chicken! There is a small Chinese Restaurant here that we frequent. I always order Orange Chicken from them.

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    A Panda Express food truck? Who knew! I like their orange chicken as well, plus, I am a huge fan of food trucks. I’m actually going to a food truck park tonight with friends.

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    Food trucks are so fun! I use to be scared because I thought of them as not clean but they have really come along way in the last few years. We have one around here that has lobster rolls that are amazing!

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    Orange chicken is so delicious – one of my favorite dishes because it incorporates that fruity flavor. I can’t believe I have not eaten at a food truck before, and we have a ton of them in our area. We are actually getting a Panda Express in my neck of the woods, and I am excited. The first one ever came relatively close to us about a year ago, and now they are building one up the street from us. So excited – haven’t been to it yet.

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    I love their fried chicken. It’s been a while since I have gone to Panda Express. I can’t remember if I have tried their Orange Chicken.

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    I have never tried the Panda Express, but it must be good if even your fussy eater approves of it! I wish that it would be more food trucks around here.

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