Those three words: “You have cancer.” Please read.


A lovely young woman I grew up loving and knowing just found out she has cancer.

Precious Anapaula. She is a wonderful friend of my little sister. Loyal, hilarious, and sweet Anapaula is fighting for her life. She has stage 2, Hodgkin’s lymphoma. She will be losing her hair and experience many sick days as she must undergo chemo and radiation. She is just starting out- she has dreams of becoming a nurse. She is a senior in High School. 

My sis and Ana Paula- I love them!

My sis and Ana Paula- I love them!

Here is a brief statement made by her parents on their donation page. It has been briefed up a bit, so please feel free to head over there and read more, donate, and share.


Ana Paula was diagnosed on August 11th, 2015 with Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

In June of this year Ana Paula noticed a lump on her neck. Her mother took her to the doctor’s office and the doctor ordered a CAT scan of the area. A week later the results came in and Aracely received a call from the doctor. She was instructed to take Ana Paula immediately to the Children’s Hospital Emergency room along with a CD copy of the CAT scan.

Once at the hospital Ana Paula was admitted to the hospital and placed on the seventh floor, room 121. The hospital ordered more CAT scans, lab work, PET scan and more lab work. The next day Ana Paula was scheduled for surgery. The CAT scan showed a tumor located in her chest seven centimeters by six centimeters by four centimeters pushing on her the artery to her heart and her air way.

Ana Paula is a senior in High School. She is planning on attending ASU next fall to become a nurse, with further studies in the medical field, mainly to work with children at The Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Today she is taking her senior pictures at Fashion Square Mall, her mother will be with her today as they both know the Chemo Therapy will cause all her hair to fall out.

Ana Paula not only attends high school, but she also works at a small café, mostly after school and during the summer months. She manages to balance her studies, work, and a boyfriend. She is very social, outgoing beautiful young woman with the passion for life, friends, work, learning and her family. 

Ana Paula has stage 2, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, on Tuesday August 18th, she will began Chemo Therapy at The Phoenix Children’s Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. She will also have radiation treatment towards the end of the four month treatment. Ana Paula will lose her hair, have many days feeling sick and will miss several days of school. Please pray for our daughter, and if possible we need your help with medical bills, household bills, and more. Please help Ana Paula and our family. A donation of any amount will help us to not only save Ana Paula’s life, but to help her continue her dreams and goals as she fights for her life.



Her parents said everything perfectly. Ana Paula is a beautiful, vivacious, caring young woman. I simply adore her. Anapaula is a fighter. I truly believe she can be healed, and quickly. I am standing alongside her, asking everyone else I know to do the same. She is a brave and strong girl, but the more we can rally with her and tell her we are rooting for her the more encouraged she and her family will be.

The power of social media is strong. Share this with whomever you know. Her family will face many financial struggles, as cancer is an expensive burden. Help lessen the burden for them. Even a few dollars makes a difference. Help their daughter fight cancer. She has aspirations to go to University. One huge blessing for her and her family is to have less financial burden to help her live her dreams.

If you pray, pray for Anapaula. Pray for her to have peace in her heart as she faces tests and medical procedures. If her hair starts to fall out, pray that she will bravely and beautifully fight cancer with no fear of what people think. Pray for her body to have energy, for her will to be strong, and for her mind to stay focused. Pray that she feels the nearness of God during this time.

Pray for healing and peace. God is good, and he is mighty, and he hears the prayers sent up to Him. Ask your church to pray for her. Boldly pray for her tonight at your dinner table. I truly and sincerely believe it does make a difference.

Pray for her family. Pray they have energy and get rest. Pray their hearts are filled with the peace of God that transcends all understanding. Pray their faith is refined during this time, and the glory of God is revealed to them. Pray that healing happens. Pray that they have the finances to cover medical bills.

Pray for Anapaula’s friends. She is in high school. Pray for them to rally beside her. Pray they remember her, draw near to her, and keep her company. Pray they do not sulk back, but bravely befriend her. Pray they accept her when she is strong and weak, and praise her beauty when she is tired and sick. Pray they bring her flowers, write her cards, invite her to everything (even if she says no or cannot make it), and consider her.

Please, share this message! We can help this girl and family! Love knows no barriers. Thank the Lord for the gift of social media to help out families in need.

Philippians 4:6-7 do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


  1. says

    I’m so sorry for your friend. We had a disagnosis of the same lymphnoma on our Pastor’s wife. Waiting to hear what stage it is in this week. So sad for both these women. Will keep her in my prayers.

  2. says

    What a wonderful post! I am SO sorry to hear about your friend. Cancer is something awful that needs to just be gone! I hope that she gets to live out all her dreams!

  3. says

    What a terrible thing for both your family and hers to be going through, especially at such tender ages. I will keep all in my thoughts. And I’ll tweet your post out to help get the message to others 🙂

  4. Jacqueline says

    The shittiest part of loving someone with cancer is just knowing there is nothing you can do, except giving your time and maybe helping them with mundane daily life stuff like bathing, etc. I’m sharing the link on her fundraiser to my FB now…sending good vibes Ana Paula’s way!

  5. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says

    My family is no stranger to cancer and it’s the worst news that anyone could ever get. Thanks so much for sharing your friend’s story. I hate to hear how she’s been struggling.

  6. says

    I’m so sorry for your friend and just joined in prayer for her. My grandfather died from this same cancer when I was less then a year old. I hope her family will be able to raise the money to help take care of everything this horrible thing takes from them. (((HUGS)))

  7. says

    I am so sorry to hear about your friend!! She and her family will be in my prayers and hopefully soon she will be cured and heading to college!!

  8. says

    I recently went through the pass of my mother in law from a 2 month battle with cancer. Sending thoughts and prayers to Ana Paula. You are such an amazing person for supporting her through this difficult time.

  9. Wendy says

    My father was just diagnosed for the 3rd time. Hard times. Will keep your friend in my thoughts along with my dad and so many others.

  10. says

    I am sorry to hear about your sister’s friend. That’s a young age to fight cancer but younger people are very resilient. I pray that she fight this and is victorious.

  11. says

    I am so sorry that your friend is going through this. A friend of mine is going through it too. It so sad. I wish we could get rid of the C word forever!

  12. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I will keep her and her family in my prayers. It is terrible for someone so young to have to suffer.

  13. says

    This is just so sad. I pray that Ana Paula will get well soon and that her family and friends will continue to stay by her side while she battles this disease. I will share your post so others may know.

  14. says

    I just prayed for Ana Paula and will continue to keep her in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for sharing her story. I hate cancer and pray that one day there will be a cure.

  15. says

    Sending so many prayers to Ana Paula . Her sweet personality really shines through in her smile. It’s every mother’s worst nightmare to hear the “c” word when it comes to your children (or even someone you know).

  16. says

    I’m so sorry to hear about your sister’s friend. We’ve experienced many people in our family fighting the battle with Cancer. She can get through this with the support and love that you’ll are giving her. Thanks for sharing her story.

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