How to make toy surprise gingerbread houses!

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Making gingerbread houses is a fun family Christmas tradition that we love to do together. I wanted to do something memorable with my family to spend some sweet time with them, and making these gingerbread houses was the perfect way to spend an afternoon. Prep was minimal, and shopping for the houses was so much fun! We got better for you options at Walmart like pretzels, raisins, dark chocolate chips, and cereal. Mmm… dark chocolate!

I thought it would be extra fun to add a surprise element to our gingerbread houses. My daughter is on a total My Little Pony kick. Have you seen all those Youtube videos with the surprise eggs? Well, my kid could watch those for hours. I really do not get it, but hey, it keeps her busy. (PS- did you know those people make TONS of money making those videos??). This was my attempt to do something my daughter would get a total kick out of. So we hid Twilight Sparkle, her favorite pony, in one of the gingerbread houses for her to SMASH open and discover. Toddler heaven, right there. Spend an hour putting something together to have it destroyed in one mind-blowing, epic moment. That is her favorite thing to do!

Anyways, you could use any action figure or small toy to do this, and it would be really fun to make these for a holiday party with little take home toys.

Here is how we made these fun little houses!

  1. Gather your gingerbread house supplies. We used this egg carton (I washed it out first), and it was the perfect container for all of our ingredients). I also bought two small My Little Pony figures that would fit perfectly inside our surprise gingerbread houses!

step one IMG_9711



2. Cut graham crackers for gingerbread house. Use a serrated knife to cut graham crackers, slowly sawing until making the perfect cut. Cut according to the diagram below, which makes one house.


3. Use frosting to “glue” house together. Or use literal glue. I used an actual glue gun to put together our first houses, because I wanted them to last a bit longer. I knew my kiddo could still pick off the yummy ingredients. I used frosting for the last few houses we planned to devour. Carefully place graham crackers together and glue accordingly. Asking another person to help hold a cracker up is definitely useful!




IMG_9756 IMG_9765


4. Start decorating! 






5. Find the surprise! 



Hope you liked this family-fun tutorial for toy surprise gingerbread houses! What fun family traditions do you and your family enjoy for Christmas? Share them with me!


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    That was super smart to organize your supplies like that. I’ve always found graham crackers to be the easier way to go when making these too. They’re uniform in size so it’s easier than dealing with thick/thin pieces.

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    I love the idea of putting the toys in the gingerbread houses! I remember making these with my mom when I was younger. The toys make it even more fun to eat the gingerbread houses!

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    Oh my… what a cute idea! I wish I had thought of something so clever when my kids were little. Our favorite tradition for a long time was probably putting Christmas cards on the tree to be opened Christmas morning. But lately, we’ve gotten out of the habit of giving cards so I’m not sure what our favorite tradition is. Probably, it’s the time together playing games and eating… not necessarily in that order.

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