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Last weekend my little girl had a surprise visitor, her favorite princess in the whole wide world, Rapunzel! I have always wondered about the princess parties and hiring someone to come in costume. My daughter and I have visited several events where Disney Princesses make an appearance and she loved going. I thought it would be such a “once in a lifetime” memory to have her favorite princess come visit her home! I got into contact with Alyson of Dreaming Egos, and she was the perfect fit to make our birthday celebration a hit.

To make the surprise perfect, we timed it so that Rapunzel came down our stairs at the right moment. My daughters jaw literally dropped, and shook with excitement. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen, and made my heart so full. Moments like these are what make being a mother so fun- because to her little four year old delight this was REALLY happening!

Rapunzel was amazing. She started introducing herself. All the children sat on the grass as quiet as mice. Then she read them a story book. They loved the story time, and it was a nice break for the parents, too! (Plus got them to relax for just a moment before getting their wiggles out again).


After story time, Rapunzel got everyone up to dance! They loved this so much! It was so cute.


Finally, all the children had an opportunity to take a picture with Rapunzel.


My daughter loved taking a pic with her princess visitor. She got out her special photo booth accessories and posed just right.


To finish up, Rapunzel also sang Lillian “Happy Birthday”. I regret that I don’t have any picture, but I do have a precious video of that for keeps. I wish I had octopus arms and could do photos and videos at once! (Not quite there yet!)

Dreaming Egos also can show up at your event as Ice Queen (AKA Elsa), Summer Queen (AKA Frozen Fever Elsa), Green Fairy (AKA Tinkerbell), Purple Princess (AKA Rapunzel), or Blue Princess (AKA Belle). She hand makes all of her costumes (how amazing is that!?), and can stay at your party to entertain 30-90 minutes. We chose the 30 minute package and it was just perfect. Her entertaining gave us time to get the cake ready and food prepped, which was a bonus.

I loved having Dreaming Egos  provide entertainment for my daughter’s fourth birthday party. Check her out on GigSalad or on her Facebook page for other awesome costume and entertainment services!

*I received free services in exchange for an honest review on my blog. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. says

    What a great birthday party idea! I know my 3 daughters would be awestruck and never forget a visit from their favorite princess! Thanks for the introduction to Dreaming Egos!

  2. says

    That is adorable! What a fun time, loving that she looks so real …. I had to look close at the photo, but she really did nail that Rapunzel look!

  3. says

    I remember really liking Ariel. I really wanted to be a mermaid when I was little. Looks like she really enjoyed herself. 😉 Childhood can be so fun.

  4. Jeanine says

    Oh how fun! When my girls were younger they’d love this so much. It looks like she really enjoyed herself, and thats wonderful to see! So fun.

  5. says

    Our God daughter has had princess parties in the past and they have always been a huge hit! Ariel would have gone over well with my oldest..she was a huge mermaid fan. The youngest loves Sophia but we haven’t seen her yet…

  6. says

    I bet this princess party made your little girl feel like a princess herself! I wish these had been around when my daughter was little as it looks amazing.

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