We got a new puppy!


We got a new puppy! The past few weeks have been absolutely crazy. I forgot what it is like to be a pet owner. It is a little like having a kid again. Schedules, potty training, teething- woah.

To say the least, we are in love with our pup, Mysha. She is just the cutest thing ever.

Lil has also been loving her, but has needed an adjustment period for sure. The first few days I don’t think she was so sure, but now she just adores her puppy.

I find myself pretty exhausted from it all, though. Setting my alarm every four hours at night to let the pup out of her crate so she doesn’t pee or poo isn’t what I was expecting to do, but I know it will be worth it in the end.

Today kind of felt like a circus. I took Lil and Mysha on a walk. I had Mysha with one hand on her leash, and my other hand pulling Lil in her wagon. The dog kept getting all caught up in the leash and around the wheels of the wagon, and Lil just kept on standing up and sitting down and almost falling out. I even had a man stop and tell me I should strap Mysha to the wagon!

I kind of wanted a glass of wine at 10am… not gonna lie.


I love that we got a puppy, though. In a weird way, it is dulling the ache in my heart from losing my son a few months ago in miscIarriage. There is something so soothing in nurturing a small life, like a puppy. Taking care of someone else’s needs distracts me from my tendency to look inward or be so cynical. I find I am laughing more. I also find myself taking my morning cup of coffee outside and watching my child play in the grass and Mysha run around like a floppy fish. It is awesome.

I know I haven’t blogged much lately. It’s been really nice to just focus some time on my kiddo, our new puppy, and some other things in life.

Summer is almost here, and I cannot wait to enjoy the outdoors with my loves. To watch these sweet ones grow up together will be a gift. I hope Mysha and Lil will have a relationship so special and a bond so great as they grow together. There is nothing like a dog; it is such a great friendship. There is no toy I could have bought Lillian to replace the fun her and Mysha will have together over the years!




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    She’s SO cute. Don’t worry, it’ll get easier. Just make sure you set a strong foundation, get some training and all will be a great experience for you and your family. 🙂


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    uh. your puppy… is ADORABLE.

    We adopted a puppy just a few months ago as well. I agreed to a dog SPECIFICALLY under the conditions of “as long as it’s not a puppy”..

    She’ll be one in October. She’s totally a puppy. I have cursed my way through potty on my white rugs, to chewing up my plants, to everything else that comes with a puppy. She gets in SO MUCH TROUBLE! and that dog + my 1 year old.. They totally team up on me!

    but it is getting better. she’s learned to go potty outside. She’s learned where her toy box is as opposed to Penny’s toy box.. so things are progressing..

    But really the bond she’s making with the kids is worth any pee stained rug. oh my gosh. it’s the best.. The bigger she gets the more attached she gets, and it just breaks my heart in the best ways! I can’t wait for Lil & Mysh to have that bond. oh my gosh.. it just doesn’t get much better!

    I look forward to more puppy posts <3

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    Your new puppy is adorable! Seeing children and dogs bond is just about the cutest thing!

    Our “puppy” is now a year and a half and we love getting a monthly bark box. I never knew I would get so excited for a subscription box – but we do! The toys are all high-quality and different than what you find in stores and my pup has been loving the treats.

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    Mysha is so adorable! I love her colors and her eyes are so expressive in that snapshot! Puppies are insane. When I first got my dog as a puppy, I didn’t really plan. Not the best way to do things. 😉 Have fun with the crazy!

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