A new direction

It feels like ages since I have posted anything on this little space. I suppose it is because it has been ages. It goes without saying that I haven’t been in the “blogging mood” for quite some time. I decided to take a small break, partly because I had no idea what I wanted to blog about anymore and partly because I have been struggling in my personal life with a myriad of things. Many of you know I had a miscarriage in December, and then two blood transfusions and a freak emergency in January. Let me just say that rocked my life. Everything seems different now, including my outlook on life and many other things.

Anxiety, anger, sadness, and a generally feeling of being “lost” are some of the emotions I have felt the past six months. Some other feelings have been overwhelming gratitude, deep love, and drastic changes in my faith.

Out of the woodwork I have made some new friends, have a renewed sense of the “nearness of God”, and a deeper appreciation for my family and precious time. Many of my mornings I have wanted to stop or slow down. I used to love keeping busy- shopping, doing projects, going on playdates. Now I crave being home, hunkered down with a cup of coffee, watching my daughter swing in her hammock. It is just where I am in this season of life. A part of it may be I am just not feeling quite as social and free-spirited as I did before. I know I am still grieving. But it feels good.

Taking a break from blogging also felt good. Having my free time to devote to my family and personal needs was exactly what I needed.

But I am back. I miss this little space, and even though I don’t have that many readers I do have a few friends through here. I love to write. I love the blogging community. I miss it!

Some of the changes I am making are that I am no longer doing sponsored posts. I did it in the past, and I have no issues with it… I just lost my passion for it. That was the only income I made from blogging, so it was a hard decision to make as now I gotta shell out my own money to keep this thing going, but it is worth it. I will still do some reviews on products I love to share. But that is the extent to sponsored stuff.

I would rather focus on some other topics: loss, infertility, marriage, faith, family, parenting, cooking, and healthy living. Part of the issue I have with sponsored posts is so many of them include ingredients I just don’t like promoting. We try to eat clean at home (we aren’t perfect- we love donuts!). We try to live green. We try to recycle. It is our passion.

So there it is:). Thank you to everyone who took a second to read it. I can’t wait to be back!



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    Glad to see you back. I’m sorry to hear of the loss/grief and even the scary emergency visit. I was away for some time for various reasons, so this is the first I’m hearing and my Mama Heart goes out to you. I look forward to reading posts from you again!

    And, regarding sponsored posts, I understand. I’d like to do them, but I always wonder if it’d be ok.

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    Glad to see you back! I’m so sorry to hear about everything, but glad you are able to look at life differently and in a way that is best for you. Feeling the closeness of God and spending precious time with your daughter is amazing. Looking forward to visiting your little internet space 🙂 Beautifully Candid

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    So happy to hear that you’re back, and you devoted time with your family. We surely need that sometimes! Sorry to hear about your loss 🙁 But glad to hear you’re bouncing back. Can’t wait to read more of your future posts.

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