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Friends, recently I did something I should have done months ago. I’ve been using essential oils for years. Raving about them, sharing them with friends and family. They have changed my life! I make my own household cleaner and soap with them, among so many other uses. I had been thinking about writing a book or selling some product on my site… which would take tons of work. Then a friend and blogger approached me about oils. It made perfect sense… and without all the front up cost of starting a business. So, I took the step and joined the most amazing team of women who are making enough income to quit their jobs and stay home with babies, pay off school loans, and remodel homes- from home.


Some of the amazing women I get to share ideas are major bloggers, owners of Etsy stores, and current nurses or pharmaceutical reps. Driven and hard working women that also place a huge value on family and balance.


I thought doing this would be scary or intimidating, but it has been amazing! I have a full community of support and resources. I have so many new friends. 


Lots of people assume oils are this new, hot thing. It is all over instagram. It’s blowing up on the internet. People want to try an alternative to over the counter medicine and chemicals in their household products. Oils have been around since the ancient times. They are simply plant-derived goodness in a bottle. Each oil has a different use to benefit the body- either via aromatherapy (my favorite), topically, and more uses. They have a huge range of emotional and physical wellness uses. 

The reason I am doing this is for my daughter and husband. See, my dream is to homeschool my little girl. I long to be home as much as possible. I also want my hubby to go back to school for his dream career. These are major dreams. My focus is right here at home. I think they can happen, and I am on my way there!


You’ve probably been at a friends’ house who used a diffuser with oils like lavender, lemon, cedarwood, orange, or thieves. Maybe you even asked what that good smell was. Most people who come to my house ask what smells so good. They assume it is some spray or candle, but in reality, it is simply an oil being diffused in the air. It purifies our home and makes it smell great without chemicals. 


The most exciting part of my journey is I am currently building an active team. I am looking for partners who want to make money from home with extremely minimal cost up front (less than a blog!) and dream of supporting your family with extra income. Maybe you have short term or long term goals. A house remodel, pay off some debt, transition to a new job, or a dream vacation. Whatever it is, I am looking for people who want to do something to make money that is both inspiring and achievable. What are some characteristics of those I want on my team? Honest, driven, fun, balanced, social-media savvy or love people, and dreamers. 

Did I mention that my team is amazing?! The support, resources, and educational materials are phenomenal. I am shoulder to shoulder with some of the most successful gals in the oil industry.

I’m starting here because I have met so many amazing women and men through this blog, and know so many of you are looking for extra income from home. That’s why a ton of us start a blog. But blogging to make money is SO hard, and I am often plugging other businesses, not my own. I got tired of that (although I still love to write reviews for other small businesses I love!!!). I just wanted to do something for my family, too.


If you think this is something you might want to do, email me at or check out my oil site. Don’t be afraid to come with hesitation or questions. I am a skeptic at heart and had tons of my own questions! 

For the first three people who contact me, I have an amazing surprise. So if you have been debating this already for some time, email me for details. It is probably the best time ever for you to join an oil team! 


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***Any suggestions made on this blog are very specific to Young Living essential oils and should not be used with oils from another source. Statements made on this website about Young Living Essential Oils have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products and information are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering from disease or injury should consult with a physician. If you are currently on medication, please do not stop.


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    Wow. sounds like an awesome idea. I love essential oils. It just helps me relax, and it definitely has a lot of uses. Best of luck on your new business. I’m sure you’ll do great!

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    I’m just getting started using essential oils. I’ll admit, it’s a little overwhelming figuring out how to use them. But I really like lavender and lemon oils.

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