Amazing stick on labels for the whole family!

I blurred out the personal info on the labels! :)

I blurred out the personal info on the labels! :)

Labels are the best! I love using different types of labels to organize my household. Labels are also amazing for lost items. Many times I have left my daughter’s water bottle at a friends house and guess what? We all have the same water bottles for our children! So it is nice to make sure I personalize our items in case we lose something.

Most childcare facilities now require  personal belongings to be labeled. Between MOPS and teaching classes at the local gym I often need to make sure I label my daughters items, especially her water bottle and winter coat. I usually grab a permanent marker and put my daughter’s name on her stuff. The problem with this method is I end up permanently marking the item (clothing, etc.). Also, the marker tends to rub off eventually on plastics. These waterproof mini labels are just the trick to quickly label our items and leave no mark behind!

Some great uses for waterproof labels are: jackets, waterbottles, electronics such as I-phones and I-pods, binders or journals, inside a wallet (I recently lost my wallet and wish I had my phone number inside!), or on your keychain. I opted for just our name as I will use these for childcare and household use, but I plan to get more for my family to put on our belongings that can get lost in public.


These little round labels from Label Land have been so helpful to keep my stuff organized. I stuck a few of these on some of our personal belongings to make sure that we have contact info in case we leave something behind.

Mini round labels are super cute and 100% waterproof. You can use them on cell phones, cameras, electronics, water bottles, and more. They do not peel off or fade. They are laminated to ensure extra durability! So awesome!

Mini round labels are fully customizable. I have been very impressed with the quality of labels from Label Land. I love all of the different sizes and colors you can choose. And shipping is free for regular post!

Check out for your family and for their awesome sales! You will love the ease of ordering customized labels to make sure your belongings are kept safe.

Next up I need to get some more cute labels for my own gym bag and pantry! Organizing is so much fun.

*I recieved a complimentary product sample in exchange for my review. All opinions expressed are honestly mine.

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    What cute labels! I can see these being so helpful, especially as the boys age, to reduce some potential squabbling over things. I’d presume these labels can also help each of them to feel that some things are theirs and they have control over sharing them.

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