So Truly Mine Play Doll Review!


One of the most magical things about being a Mommy is watching with wonder as my four-year old daughter plays make-believe. Her wild imagination never ceases to amaze me. Lillian loves to play dress up (as well as dress up our puppy). She pretends she is a rock star sometimes, or other times she pulls out her Play-Doh and makes dresses for all of her little figurines. Recently she has been into play dolls.


Recently she has been really into dolls. Lil got her first doll around two years old. She never really played with it. Then, all of a sudden, she took a huge interest in baby dolls. It all started one day when she was playing “Mommy”. She brought the doll with us to the grocery store, buckled her safely in her “seat”. Next she fed her and dressed her and put her down for a nap. These beautiful dolls from the So Truly Mine collection are the perfect starter play doll for children.

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I decided I wanted to get her a beautiful, high quality doll. We found the perfect doll from The So Truly Mine doll collection by the Ashton-Drake Galleries! When I was a little girl I remember reading my grandmothers magazines and seeing the gorgeous and life-like dolls by the Ashton-Drake Galleries. They make the same beautiful and hand-crafted dolls for toddlers.




The So-Truly Mine Doll Collection by the Ashton-Drake Galleries offers this very life-like play doll perfect for busy toddlers. The dolls are designed by some of the world’s top doll artists, for ages 3 and up! I was able to choose the dolls eye, hair color, and skin color to personalize the baby doll to my daughters liking. We were even able to print out the baby’s birth certificate!

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When our doll arrived, my daughter was beyond excited. She had been asking for a baby doll for some time, and I kept this a surprise. She immediately pulled the baby out and said, “Aw, she is so beautiful Mommy!”. She carefully dressed the baby. I was impressed by the small touches, the gorgeous soft pink on the lips of the baby and even the delicate baby powder smell! The baby is soft and moveable, perfect for my daughter to play make-believe. They have guaranteed Christmas delivery– so now is the perfect time to order this doll for Christmas!!!


Lillian named her new doll Rose, which is a perfect fit with the Party Princess Accessory Set we chose for her. The outfit is SO adorable with the gorgeous detailed touches, and it is super well made. I love the rose on the outfit, and the shoes come off and on really easily. Plus it is machine washable!!

The doll is a very life-like weight and is perfect for a four-year old. This doll retails for about $99, so it is a special gift to cherish and take care of. The doll has a soft body perfect for cuddling and playing. I am glad my daughter is now able to care for her toys as she loves and takes special care of her new So Truly Mine baby doll.



It has been over one week now and she takes the doll everywhere with her. I told her she must take care of her lovely new doll. I highly recommend this doll for toddlers and young girls who love to play with dolls. It makes a wonderful and special gift for birthdays or Christmas and will be a beautiful toy to cherish for years to come.

* I received products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own. 🙂


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