10 Ways Were Helping the Planet this Earth Day


Earth day is upon us! Earth Day is Saturday, April 22nd. My family is super excited to take our daughter to a local city festival which will have tons of great ideas for ways to reduce waste and help the environment. Our household is huge on working as a family to eliminate wasteful practices and be better stewards of the earth! We’ve done our best to work as a family to create fun and simple habits to care for this beautiful world. It is really simple and fun to adopt a few habits which can really cut down on waste in landfills. Here are ten tips from our family to yours to help the planet! 

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Exploring at the local Botanic Gardens and learning about plants!

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  1. Recycle: this may seem like a no brainer but it’s amazing how many people feel overwhelmed by the idea or recycling! We picked up cheap containers from IKEA and gave a separate sorting system for our recycleables. This makes recycling a cinch and easy when guests are over. Simply check your city codes for acceptable items to recycle and toss in your new bin! It feels good to see how much waste can be reused!
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    Compost Bin from Amazon!

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    Compost Bin from Amazon!

  2. Compost: we love to compost! Again, we got a small compost container on Amazon and fill up our fruit and veggie peels right after kitchen prep. It’s always on the counter so it’s great to chop and throw away fruit and veggie parts at arms length! Plus it’s great for the environment and cuts down on ozone! We have a big compost pit in our backyard we use for gardening! 
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    Picked up some seeds the other day for our flower beds!

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    Beautiful wildflowers at the Botanic Gardens in Denver, CO

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    Lovely succulents and flowers are everywhere!

  3. Garden: speaking of gardening, teaching children to be stewards of plants is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate earth day! Perhaps plant an apple tree or start an herb planter on your windowsill! We’ve planted over 30 varieties of fruits and vegetables in our yard and love connecting with the earth via gardening! 
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    Use reuseable tumblers instead of plastic cups on a regular basis!

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    Stainless steel straws purchases on Amazon!

  4. Ditch plastic cups and straws:  we’ve invested in stainless steel straws and drinking to go cups for our daily iced tea and coffee drinking. We save thousands of wasted cups a year that would otherwise sit in a dump!
  5. Reuse scrap paper and greeting cards: did you know you can repurpose greeting cards by cutting off the pretty top and turning it into a postcard? Or reuse old scrap paper for art projects!
  6.  Tote bags: invest in 5-6 high quality tote bags for grocery shopping! Not only does it cut waste, you also get credit for bringing your own bags! Plus no more plastic bags that rip when you are hauling groceries in!

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    Our basket of grocery totes is right by the front door for easy access!

  7. DIY: try making your own Kombucha, pickles, bread, iced tea, or coffee! When you make your own products you save money and save on packaging! 
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    Bottles for our homemade Kombucha!

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    Homemade pickles!

  8. Use less water: ind creative and fun ways to use less water as a family. Make a contest to see how fast you can shower, or water your yard one day less a week! 

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    Our indoor lettuce plant!

  9. Buy used: buy clothing and goods from local consignment stores or thrift stores. Not only do you save tons of money and prevent packaging from piling in landfills, you typically support a local business or thrift charity!!

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    Great helmet picked up at Goodwill for less than $7!

  10. Try Scott® Tube-Free bath tissue!: Normal toilet paper tube is a wasteful piece! This is the greenest toilet paper out there. It unrolls just like normal toilet paper. Scott® Tube-Free bath tissue is a small, but impactful way to make a difference! (Love coupons? Save $2.50 ($2 starting April 1st) on Amazon and use Subscribe and Save to get an additional 15% off when you subscribe to 5 or more products!). Subscribe and save is so easy- we love to use it for convenience! Get your Scott® Tube-Free toilet paper on Amazon and go get your coupon!!! You can also visit the General Scott® Brand Product Page for a variety of other Scott® Brand products available on Amazon. #tossthetube
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    A screenshot of the easy purchase I made on Amazon!


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    Toilet paper delivered straight to my doorstep!

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    Tube free toilet paper! How cool!

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What ways has your family adopted to be environmentally friendly? How will you celebrate earth day??





  1. says

    I love all the different things you’re doing! We’re having a campus clean up at the high school I work at, so I’m excited to pitch in. 🙂

  2. Jaime Nicole says

    I love that you are getting your kids involved in Earth Day! We are starting a garden this year so a compost pile is not too far off in our future!

  3. says

    I always use tumblers instead of disposable cups. No need to waste when you have a perfectly good one to refill with. I love that Scott is going tube free. That is one thing that we couldn’t seem to get away from because we have to use toilet paper. Good for them!

  4. says

    This is great. I love finding new ways to help the earth. One thing I’m disappointed about is my city, small town, doesn’t recycle glass and we aren’t allowed to put it in the recycle bins. I wish they had a program for it. But what we’d done recently. We’ve ditched the plastic sandwich bags, for reusable sandwich snack bags the kids bring home every day that I wash. These little things really help.

  5. says

    I know that I really need to be better with the compost part of this. I know that its good for the environment. I just don’t have a good setup for it at my house.

  6. says

    I really need to get back into composting, I used to do it as a kid but haven’t kept up with since living in a unit. So many things we can do to help the environment!

  7. Mars says

    Lovely succulent! Avoiding the use of plastic is the number one way to help this planet earth restore life.

  8. Jeanine says

    So many great ways! I have done a lot of things in our lives to change and minimize our carbon foot print. My kids love it and often ask how else we can change things up for the better!

  9. says

    These are great ideas, it’s really important to be able to help out the environment and just make sure that you’re doing your best to help. Some people have no idea where to start and this is a lovely guide for them.

  10. says

    These are such great ideas. I am looking to get the stainless steal straw and one day hope to get into gardening. I would love to plant some herbs, but I don’t have a green thumb and don’t know the first thing about gardening. Ugghh, I think when I have more time in life, I will start and it will be my calming oasis.

  11. Debra Hawkins says

    We are all about reducing and recycling! We love to head to thrift stores and keep things out of landfills!

  12. rika says

    Love these suggestions! My family try to use less water, we also recycle! We do everything to protect our environment.

  13. says

    It’s amazing seeing how many ways you and your family are helping the environment! If only more people would follow in your footsteps!

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