Goodbye to the Let’s Be Friends Blog Hop for now!

Dear friends and participants of the Let’s Be Friends Blog Hop,

We have very much enjoyed hosting the blog hop now over 248 weeks! My mind is blown when I think of all the content and sweet posts that have been shared in this space. So many relationships and amazing people have contributed to this time every week. 

Chelsee and I have counted our blessings to have had the opportunity to keep this blog hop going for such a consistent and long period of time. 

With all of this said, and with bittersweet emotions, we have decided we had a good run with our hop and both are pursuing new and exciting endeavors that are keeping us so busy we can hardly keep up! Both of us will continue to blog, but the hop takes considerable time and effort to keep up when we both have other dreams to pursue. 

We thank you all for being a part of something that has been so dear to our hearts, and will continue to read all of your amazing posts and blogs! 

Cheers to all of you and the dreams you are pursuing! 

Tiffany and Chelsee