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Coming back to my blog

If you happen to be reading this, well, hello. I took a super long break from blogging. Let’s just say that I was dealing with some life stuff. After a year long break praying over this space, I finally feel like I have my head wrapped around my vision and dream.

Encouragement. I want to write to encourage women and mothers like myself that we aren’t as different as everyone makes us out to be. The Mommy Wars are something I loathe… and the advice columns that separate us into a bazillion parenting categories just puzzles me. If we could encourage one another and find similarities how much better could all this be? Basically, motherhood and womanhood is a passion of mine- and I wanna be friends and share our stories and laugh. Because, it is hard enough. What we all need is encouragement, and where I get my best encouragement is straight out of scripture. Every time.

This is where I want to write all about the things I scribble down all over journals and Sunday morning sermon note pages. I LOVE to write. Now, that doesn’t = I am a good writer. No expert writing courses here. I have my undergrad in communication and wrote some essays for sure, but I have ZERO training in writing, grammar or composition in any formal way. Unfortunately, my brain won’t turn off and one of the best ways for me to sort out my emotions is in letter form. So, this blog is actually super selfish for me. It is a way for me to really focus on getting my thoughts out on paper, then onto a computer, and truly meditate on my thoughts and ultimately, on the state of my hearts. This is my form of bravery. I am showing up to something God has sparked in my heart with no idea how it is going to flesh out. I feel called to do this and to do it with bravery, leaning on the Lord to be vulnerable and real. I have selfishly read enough articles in my day of others being honest, and it feels wonderful to do this here and now.

I don’t just want this place to be all serious, though. I am not a very serious person. In fact, most of my friends would probably agree that I am weird and goofy and awkward and shallow. My passions, after all, include coffee and chocolate and Netflix. And jackets. I could own an million pullovers. I love my children so much it hurts and basically married the cutest man alive.

I sure hope you will stick around and join me in some discussion!



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