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This little blog is where I attempt to save snippets of our daily life. 
My name is Tiffany. I love the mountains, espresso, putzing around my house, and the mornings. I take way too many pictures, and spend much of my time editing/ deleting/ organizing my photo madness. It drives my hubby crazy. Much of my day is spent picking up toys, and wiping an array of food off of my clothes. I love being a Mom. More than I ever expected. I love the chaos of it, and I love how it stretches my heart to the max. My house is more than imperfect, and while it sometimes drives me crazy, it also reminds me that the people living in it make good use of it. I find my security and identity in Jesus and am grateful to God for capturing my heart many moons ago. 
My hubby thinks my blogging hobby is great, but he is super private and doesn’t want his pics taken all over the internet. He also doesn’t engage in much social media, so no one will ever be able to find him on instagram or twitter. I love that we are so different and both have our own hobbies. He is a mountain man, loves to garden and be outside, and is a fantastic cook. I am grateful for the man and love him so much. 
This little ball of happy is my daughter, Lillian. She is the light of our lives. Her motto is to never stand still and never stop smiling, except when she is having a full blown temper tantrum. She is great. We never knew so much sparkles and pink and princesses could be contained in one house until we had this little fairy-girl.

Thanks for joining me here in this little space on the internet. I appreciate hearing your comments more than you know. If I don’t respond in a timely manner it is because I am probably busy with this kiddo or just unplugging from online life. I will respond, and I love all the interaction I get here with such brilliant and amazing people on a regular basis! 

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