Daughters First Collectible: Precious Moments Care Bears Figurine

*Thanks for taking a moment to read this honest review. I received product from Precious Moments in exchange for this review. All opinions are 100% mine. 🙂
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Childhood is so magical. I still remember having a beautiful little precious moments doll as a child. My grandmother gave it to me, along with a sweet little figurine. I cherished those gifts and loved the beautiful messages that went along with each figure- lessons on hope, sharing, caring, and love.

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This morning I woke up with a little coffee and spent some time with my daughter. We love to talk about kindness and why it is so important, along with other values and virtues. When the Precious Moments box appeared in the mail, I was SO excited for her to open these two sweet figurines because I knew she would love them!

As we opened the box my daughters face lit up! These are the first figurines that she has been gifted. I feel she is at the perfect age for her first figurine- almost five, and able to care for her things better. She LOVED the sweet little faces on the girls, and was super excited and surprised when she saw the Care Bears! These Precious Moments Care Bears Figurines are just adorable, a little bigger than I expected, and very well made. They are more durable than you would think, and perfect for a decoration for a desk or dresser.

We ended up playing make believe with the figurines for about thirty minutes before she excitedly asked to go find a place for them in her room. She asked me all about the figurine; what it said, what it meant, and who the Care Bear was.

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One of her little figurines said, “Sharing is Caring”, and the other said, “Perfect Harmony”. She loved the tiny details of each figurine and spent much time simply looking at the figurines.

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We were able to talk about what sharing means and what harmony is. It was a very special and sweet dialogue.

I was most excited about the dinner plans we had that evening. A friend of hers was coming over for a play-date, and to my delight she brought out these cute little figurines to show her friend. They played together, ate dinner, and had a wonderful time. At the end of the evening my kiddo ran to her room, grabbed the two figurines, and brought them out. She took the Sharing is Caring figurine and handed it to her friend Zoe, and told her she wanted to give it to her as a special gift. As a mother, my heart warmed and I was SO proud! I couldn’t believe my daughter wanted to give away one of her new special figurines, but then realized we talked about what sharing meant earlier. She recognized from one simple conversation the power of sharing and wanted to share with her friend.

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My daughter beamed when she saw the look on her friends face. Zoe was so excited! I told Lillian how proud I was of her for sharing her special new figurine, and then Zoe said every time she comes over she will bring her figurine to play with my daughter.

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As a Mom I know there are so many toys out on the market today, but these Precious Moments Care Bears Figurines really reminded me how much kids pay attention to kindness and virtues, and reminded me why I love Precious Moments so much!

I will be buying her another figurine for her birthday. She asked for the whole collection. We will see about that. But I am happy to have found a sweet collectible that means a lot to her!

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For all the momma’s feeling worn down



Are you a burnt out momma? I am. I am not ashamed to admit this in my moment of honesty.

Today I had a chance to break away for a few hours without my daughter. I love her with all my heart. Still, here I am, recharging my writing a blog post about her. What gives? Where is the break? (Ha!)

I left my house in a frenzy. Behind I left a kitchen counter cluttered with peanut butter, dirty spoons, and some random objects… a necklace, screwdrivers, a dirty coffee cup. I had time to throw some fresh clean clothes on the bed. Then I literally grabbed my purse and ran away from my home as quick as I could to the nearby coffee shop. No dirty dishes to stare at and feel guilty. Nope. My alone time would be my alone time.

Yet here I am, thinking about motherhood, fascinated by how it encompasses every part of my life, every fiber, through my bones, and deep into my heart.

I think back to my twenties when I carelessly floated from one activity to another. Kickball, happy hour, shopping, haircuts, weekends in the mountains. Now I am running ragged and hardly making it to doctor appointments, swimming lessons, and work appointments.

I am so tired. Let me restate that. I am SO tired!

And guess what else? I am hardly doing “motherhood” well. I have a few books half read. A chore chart we never started. My daughter is starting to defy me, talk back to me, and do things I thought would never happen. It is mass chaos in our home! Our bedtime routine is currently completely off as my kid is almost going to bed at 10pm each night. The only decent thing we are doing right now is praying together (because man do I need to pray daily), and eat well. But, that is about it.

Example. The other day I was the hot mess mom running into swim lessons 15 minutes late. My purse falling off my shoulder, my daughter trying to keep up with me as I run in, “We are here, so sorry!”. All the other moms staring at me. Why did I come so late? There was only 15 minutes left. My daughter didn’t even have her swimsuit on!

But this is the dirty little secret: I know I am not alone. I have authentic friends who will tell me their kids drive them crazy. They scream into pillows. Most days they are juggling and dropping balls. Some cannot wait until that glass of wine after bedtime, or the quiet drive into work after dropping the kids off.

I get it.

No one gives us some handbook on parenting when we leave the hospital. We train hard for jobs and careers which hardly press us the way these little ones do. They pull on our heartstrings and hammer us purely mad.

But the catch is this: this crazy, messy, sometimes terrible season is just a season. A glorious, messy, fantastic season. A season in which my emotions are on some wild rollercoaster. Up, around, upside down. I’ve never cried so much, laughed so much, or slammed the door so much.

Parenting is hard. Of course it is. It is sacrifice at it’s finest. It is collaboration, constant brainstorming. It is in the moment teaching. It is in the moment training, too. Every bit of it monumental and fleeting. Each thing I do or say leaving an imprint in my child’s heart and mine.

Not too long ago I ran a half marathon. The training was awful. I hate running. Every time I ran I wondered what the hell I was doing. I slowly grew to love it. I fell a few times, swallowed mouthfuls of bugs, ran in the rain and mud, strained my muscles, and got overheated. Some runs were beautiful, the weather was perfect and playlist spot on and I felt just right. The day of the half marathon came, and I was all full of nerves and felt like I was going to throw up. I ran it, and all my training had paid off. And just like that it was over. And guess what? I missed the training. I missed running! I was actually so sad.

In a teeny, tiny way parenting is much like this. The day-to-day seems unbearable. The sleepless nights, the days of changing diapers over and over again. The time-out’s that never seem to end. The tension headaches. The fighting with your spouse over how and why and when to discipline. The practices and driving here and from. The food and crap everywhere, always… the dirty socks all over the floor… when will it end?

And then it will. Just like that. My daughter will be packing up her car to drive to school out-of-state. Or another scenario. But it will be done. And I will miss it. But I will always have those special memories and more importantly, a new special relationship with her and a new season.

So, I try to always remember the big picture. Relationship trumps rules. Love never fails. Yes, the day-to-day is grinding. But it is all so very important. And everything is happening for a reason, shaping and molding me to be more patient, more tolerable, more kind, and less controlling. Parenting is the best crash course in growing my faith and character I’ve ever had.

My little girl turned four!

Lillian's birthday

It is official! My little girl turned four a few days ago. Seems like just yesterday I brought her home from the hospital. I still remember sitting in the back sit next to her, marveling at her tiny fingers. My husband drove us home ever so caustiosly and were listening to Mumford and Sons. Time seemed to stand still that day. Everything seemed brand new. The whole world lit up with so many different sights, sounds and colors. Playgrounds came alive to me. My imagination sparked anew.

Wonder, joy, and adventure is exactly what this little girl has brought into our lives. Along with many sleepless nights, moments of fear beyond comprehension, and a new recognition of many emotions I never thought I had. The past four years have been delightful. They have gone too quickly. They have been hard. I have lost my patience too many times to count, but laughed more than I have in my whole life.

Full. That is the word I would used to describe my heart today. Full. Of joy, love, and hope.  Full of plans and dreams. Full because when I step back and look at all that we have, the most important things I have are not things at all. They are the two people in my home that bring wrinkles of joy to my eyes and cause both tears of happiness and sadness to flow out. They keep me on my toes, keep me real, and keep me pushing on throughout the days I wanna throw in the towel.

Miss Lillian- you have brought delight into this momma’s heart. Every day watching you grow has been amazing. From your first day in our home, to the many nights I rocked you to sleep, you have stolen this heart. I look at you and see such immense beauty my eyes can hardly take it all in. God created you perfectly and wonderfully. He has crafted your heart in such a lovely fashion. Watching your emotions grow more complicated each day is like watching a garden of wildflowers- beautiful, unique, and ever changing. Four years could not have gone faster or changed me more. I look forward to each passing day I get to be your Momma, read you bedtime stories, play My Little Pony in our living room, and watch you try on dresses and high heels. 

With Love,